Otome Game Review – Chrono Garland by Prism Orbit

Since lately I’ve been trying to finish ”Queen of Darkness”, usually after finishing a route I end up taking a break from the town-managment and finish a more regular VN game. Often short/doujin games, after finishing RE:Alistair got me to download some.

This game is one of them…

Basic plot – ”The land of Klesskundt, is one that would honor flowers and nature and be overflowing with it. There’s also the household of one’s called [Flower-doctors], with the useful ability they can inherit to manufacture new ones that would even be honored by the royal family.
At a certain time, the rumor of the king retiring started spreading. Together with the flowers presented to the kink as a ‘symbol’ by the flower-doctor, a secret request – ”Create a rose of a new color that would become the symbol of the new kingdom, doctor”.
Annet, who’d inherit after her grandfather is still in the middle of learning. However receiving the request, the grandfather who participated in it, would lie down in bed thanks to a sudden illness.
He entrusts the fulfillment of the request to her, his granddaughter.
And, assembled 3 people to help accomplish it.
They would work hard, to complete it as fast as possible…”

…yeah. Quite a mouthful of a summary for a game that’s…quite short, actually.

The gameplay of the game combines regular VN-choices + visiting spots to ‘gather 3 ingredients’ for the experiment, as thankfully the homepage even has a guide. Though there also comes the annoyance, as you have to fail on purpose, until all the ‘love scenes’ have played or else you get a bad/normal end. And above that, there are randomly generated extra scenes for each guy, which I decided to not even try going after as none of the seen ones where that ‘interesting’ anyway. The idea of characters talking in text bubbles was amusing kinda though.

The characters themselves…where ok, I guess? Most of the routes seemed to suffer from being both kinda short with not that much development+endings that’d feel kinda abrupt, as all routes are literally gather ingredients/fail experiment till the right time => Annet heads off together with chosen guy for a special ingredient while meeting bad guy x at some point for 2-5 min max, hello ending. I did kinda still like Irvine and Shizel though. Quite a few of Hughie’s CG’s where quite blegh, as each character had 3 anyway.

Conclusion – …I guess it’s ok, considering it’s for free after all? And as something to multitask with, while watching Hinano’s stream recording by turning off the BGM it was an ok way to pass the time while practicing japanese?
Being forced to visit the option menu each time, when I’d wish to ‘hide’ the text was irritating, though I probably will play ”Eternity” by them at some point.



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2 responses to “Otome Game Review – Chrono Garland by Prism Orbit

  1. humm art seems kinda nice but I don’t know if this setting is something I’d be interested in. I’m getting hakushaku flashbacks (´・ω・`;)

  2. lol thankfully it’s not a Nanpa-filled disaster, though the CG’s still never get past a hug orz

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