Otome Game Review – Eternity by Prism Orbit

Or short doujin game nr x, that was completed while busy with work.

Story: ”Our Heroine, Haruna(?), receives a letter just before summer vacation starts. Said letter, is a request to tutor her cousin from the uncle she hasn’t met for several years.

Meetings, reunions, partings. The truth found at the end of summer is–”

…Nothing. Okay, seriously a lot of the routes felt incomplete or just rushed as there really is not that much plot. Any stuff that would get hinted at…would later be brushed aside for ”Suddenly, Good End. Yay?”. ”Eternity” of nothing indeed as 2/3 of the characters looking like they’re palette swaps from Chrono Garland didn’t help either.

Gameplay: VN, with the skip-function having the annoying trait of also skipping unseen stuff. Another annoyance was how the credits are unskippable, so I quickly gave up on doing the non-good ends as sitting through 5 min of that for just or two lines like ”And so I never met x ever again” or just being a shorter Non-CG ver of the Good end felt just too much like a waste of time.

Characters: Satoshi and secret where the top favorites, I guess? Satoshi, for being utterly adorable even if his plot went nowhere and secret for well…having decent length/plot by his route that starts where others would have the epilogue. Tohru was blegh and Akira was just a pointless draaaag. At least the heroine seemed ok, as she was neither a high-schooler and actually had some backbone…at times.

Chrono Garland > This game ALL the way, since they seemed to really improve after this first fiasco. At one point even the frickin’ text bugged out during Satoshi’ s route so I’ d have to open the backlot to understand what was said. The secret character only getting ONE CG compared to the other’s getting 3 felt shafted as well. More so when said single CG isn’t even a kiss one?

Giving the game a 15+ rating felt odd as well, as past this one CG….

NONE of the others seemed to get laid by implication, past Tohru, so what was the point? The official site not givng much of a guide for this one is kinda a minus as well.

So…yeah. Not recommending this game to anyone, unless they have spare time to waste…by which I’d say to play Sakayaki instead.


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