BL Game Review – MESSIAH ~Paranoia Paradox~ by CORE

Same as last time, now with Tachibana actually singing the ED song this game.

Plot: ”Continuing the adventures of Takuto in Homoland…One day, our dear protagonist finds himself wandering the streets after getting a pretty big fight over something quite insignificant.

Soon after, he stumbles upon a mysterious bar run by none other than Alice & Veronica (or at least people who looked liked them). Since said two would feign ignorance about knowing Takuto, he ends up ordering of the bar’s ‘special’ drinks.

And that is where our tale really starts, as after losing conscious the moment he sips the drink, Takuto finds himself if a strange land with it’s inhabitants that’d look like people he knows while seemingly cosplaying.

[Ah! You’ve come to save this land, right!?] asks the bunny Tsukasa.

Suffice to say, the description of the two main causes (aka Red/White Heart prince) for the worlds doom would eerily resemble good ol’ Koh & Ryouta…”

Well, for a fandisk scenario…the development for Takuto did feel kinda interesting as a ‘yep, it was the protagonists fault the boys are destroying the world with ANGST. Good job, hero…’ and how he’d deal with the issues ie a super-submissive homo-slut copy of himself running around in Koh’s route or playing Hide ‘n Seek for the 1st time in his LIFE 😆

Gameplay: Main story is choices as usual. Heck, the 1st one involving which special drink Takuto orders pretty much dictates who’s route you are on. The challenging part is probably finding the secret 3rd dude scene…

Though since this is a fandisk, of course there’s also a minigame corner in the form of playing cards against various characters. Luckily, since I actually do enjoy Blackjack, going through the section and unlocking the various fanservice scenarios was actually pretty fun!

Characters: Once again Ryouta beats Koh, even if this time he felt a lot more likeable. Heck, the scene paralleling a certain moment during the main-game was pretty sweet but I guess some of that is also because he wasn’t raping Takuto 24/7 this time.

Sad thing though, was that because I liked Ryouta so much better…the ending being far too abrupt stood out a lot.

Takuto…was, well Takuto. His increased ‘ This is ridiculous’ snark in Ryuta’s route probably plays a big part in why I liked it better. More so with stuff, like his facepalming and deciding not to think deeper about stuff and just drink the damn alchohol together with “Mr. Caterpillar’. Or when he’d pretend that he wil so die soon *sniff*just because Not-Ryouta wasn’t going to talk to him! 😆

Art/Music: Same as main-game. Rather, with the few new BGM’s added mostly for the card game bits…the new ED stands out the most, as quickly becoming a personal favorite.

Conclusion: Probably a must play if you enjoyed the main game.

All character get voices (including the subs from the main game). Some of the scenarios also including stuff with Tsukasa, Shunsei…and seme Takuto from the one Ryouta End. Add the fact that the card game section adds a considerate amount of replay value with voice quips and its own series of scenes to unlock.


It may not be a whole mansion this time, but Takuto should really consider a warrant for not being locked inside places by certain people ie not-Koh



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5 responses to “BL Game Review – MESSIAH ~Paranoia Paradox~ by CORE

  1. Why do you only write short reviews -_-×

    • We already had this discussion, so if all you’re going to do is complain about how I’m doing my personal blog please take a moment to rethink your actions since any further comments like this will be deleted and ignored

  2. I am very thank you for your reviews. But all the games you have mentioned are not PC games, right? So where did you get them? On CH play or other websites? I really want to play but I don’t know how to get those games. Anyway, your reviews are very detailed. Sorry for bothering you. I hope you will reply me soon.

    • If what you mean stuff on the PSP/PS2? Then it’s actually quite simple. Console games like that are a lot easier to acquire than PC software as long as you’re okay with the added importing costs since a fair few online shops offer them (ie playasia, amazon, amiami etc) and all you need to do is look up the title you want and see if it’s still in stock.

      The rest is just being sure the console you’re buying for doesn’t have region compatibility issues and well….being ok with online shopping while not expecting the resulting prices to be cheap?

      • Hình Hi

        .I see… In fact I don’t have anything like PSP but PC. So it’s such a pity that I can’t afford those games. But I will consider buying one in the future. Thanks for your instruction!

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