BL Game Review – Hadaka Shitsuji by Madalabo

Plot: ”Maeda Tomoaki is your average university student, living alone in a shitty apartment while doing a variety of part-time jobs to cover his daily expenses.

Of course, stuff can’t stay that way for too long when after losing his current job at a family restaurant leads him to discover an advertisement for a strange job that’d pay a huge sum just for him being there. Filled with suspicion yet unable to resist the temptation of riches, this is the story of how Tomo displays boredom to be the most dangerous thing in the world, when one has the freedom and resources to do whatever he ever damn wanted.”

If the above sounded to you like this game is all about the lolz…well them, congratulations – you’ve been trolled. While the lack of story would take till the last unlockable extra to even explain what the plot supposedly was about, the main game is all about the ‘fun’ of watching Tomo abuse the butler you are targeting over and over till the GOOD end kicks in, and you are left with the sense of WTF just happened because this game works under the opposite logic of where what other games would count as bad/worst ends…are treated as the GOOD ends here.

Couple that with how most routes suffer from a lack of plot that isn’t Tomo doing stuff ‘just for the lolz’, and playing this turns to be one of those worst ideas you’ve ever HAD \(^o^)/

Gameplay: Pretty simple mechanics, as 1) With Day 30 as the time limit, each day you get 2 phases for what Tomo does during the day/night where most often stalking the target would lead to their route.

2) Is th all-time favorite, choices. Often divided into whether Tomo would be a dick during the scene or act nice, it’d often determine if you qualify for the fluffy character Best Bad end for acting too nice, some other generic bad OR the actual good end.

One big beef I’d have with the games system, is just how outdated it feels. Used to the option to save being available anytime? Shortcut buttons saving & loading? The mouse right-click being the easy ‘back/close’ for when you want to exit the save menu and such? Hadaka Shitsuji will have none of that ‘player-friendly’ nonsense, as instead saving is limited to when there is a dialogue box so you can press the menu button and then choose if you want to save or whatever. Want to exit? Well then press that damn ‘back’ button that’s in the corner. Couple that with how oftentimes the appearance of a choice seems to cause some kind of slowdown, where even switching to look at a japanese capture guides takes minutes…and playing the game becomes a chore not just because of the crap content, but programming too! ( ´_ゝ`)

Characters: Considering how much of a disappoint the previous sections have shown, this…is nowhere different.

With most of the cast being voiced by newbies (other than Sakuma, who got Inoue Kazuhiko)…listening to a lot of them turns to be painful thanks to what feels like both sucky directing of how something was supposed to be said AND overuse of character cliche traits during the dialogue. For example – Ichinose may seem like the most attractive character at 1st glance, but listening to him is hellish because he’s the token ‘so socially awkward, he needs like 30 min to say a short sentence because of how.many.damn.pauses he needs to s-l-o-w-l-y finish whatever he was saying. Similar, Arisato as the token shota…has an irritating habit of saying ‘senseless words intended to be cute’ like はう~ far too damn often.

Personality-wise…well Komine > everyone. Sakuma, while having the tamest route…has the problem of also being as interesting as watching paint dry. Toudou, while kinda having adorable moments…is still a muscle mountain going 「っす」 a LOT that evolves into lingeriemuchi, so even being the one character who’d Good end actually is like a GOOD end doesn’t save him. Arisato, is an attention whore shota who on top of being annoying…also receives the most brutal treatment that goes as far as hanging from a noose.

Ichinose…has the above issues of being painful to listen to, on top of the Mr.flower/exhibitionist issues AND troll-ending. Komine, for having an annoying 1st impression with the force Kansai dialect…ended up being the most sensible among the characters, coupled with the route actually making Tomo have character development made even the bukakke-food-thons and bestiality moment feel bearable just for how the dude actually had the end admit that it’s screwed up after a lovely ‘stop acting like a goddamn retard, Tomo’ moment+one of the best bad ends ever.

Lastly, Tomoaki…there are no words that could describe the deep loathing and apathy I feel for him. Said contradiction being caused, by how Tomo literally seems to suffer a multiple-personality disorder where depending on which end you are aiming for…causes him to be either a sorta-adorabe dorkish Tsundere, childish brat throwing a tantrum or a complete asshole that deserves nothing but pain & suffering. There is no ‘in-between’ or reasonable explanation for why he’d change like that, so while I just disgusted by him at first…the more I played, the more Tomo just felt just felt like it was 3 totally different characters stuck in 1 body, where the only common trait between them was the inability to get out of the ‘I’m not gay’ closet.

Music/Art: The OST is one of the good parts of the game, as quite a few tracks are pretty nice ie Komachi’s theme, Gary Stu’s theme ”Suspicious Man”. Sadly a lot of them have little time to shine, thanks to just how overabused the 2 ‘Tomo is being an asshole’ themes are.

The CG’s though…are a lost cause. While there exist a few nice ones here & there, the large amount of the porny ones would also often look awful thanks to stuff stuff like giant asses taking up 1/4 of it, creepy faces, Tomo being represented as a floating dick

Conclusion: If anyone ever tells you to play this game because of it being ‘awesome’ – punch them, then & there. That, and recommend a visit to the doctor as they are obviously either blind or sick in the head.

Personally speaking, this was one of the games I was actually looking forward to this year, believing it’d be something similar to OreShita. Oh how I wish return to that innocent state, as the only reason I could even endure playing this game till the end was only because playing Guilty had made even the small plus of ‘no tentacle rape’ be a blessing. Still, it doesn’t change that fact that the contents of this game makes what was the supposed targeted audience feel confusing. Even as a PWP game for gays or something, the porn parts would have to seem sexually attractive and pleasing. I doubt any person with even an inch of common sense&self-respect would find watching guys getting stuff like flowers or mops stuffed up their asses as the characters keep screaming in pain over & over even close to be anything other than disturbing. Heck, I’m hesitant to even call this anything but an abuse game, as after seeing stuff like a scene where Tomo literally pisses inside a dude after having dozens of strangers raping him , thinking of labeling the game as ‘crack’ had jumped out of the ages ago because none of the humor moments would change the fact that what this game considers a ‘good’ end involves Tomo continuously torturing someone with the intent of ‘breaking’ them…till all the trauma makes stockholms kick in, so cue rape-ever after end llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン
The fact that a fair share of the games dialogue (more so by porn scenes) feels more at place coming from some slut in a shitty hentai anime, doesn’t help matters (because seriously, when a scene of Tomo crosdressing while talking like a token rival-bitch character™ feels more at home than than him as a dude? Huston, we have a problem)

Considering all the delays the game suffered, some of the cause for the shitty outcome may be a ‘loss of interest’ by the creator himself somewhere along the line so instead the hollow points were filled up with hollow raeraepraep. At least, that’s the explanation I thought made most sense after how watching the unlockable backstory actually succeeded in making me feel sympathetic for the cast, and how contradicting it felt to what the ‘goal’ of the maingame ends up (because seriously – if you are introducing some kind ‘curse’ subplot, the ending should involve a fluffy happy end the victim freeing himself of it instead ”HEH HEH Why should I fight it, when being a dick is fun?” ショボーン(´・ω・`))

Either that, or it’s a sad case of someone claiming themselves a male fan of a genre…when they even forgot that BL stood for Boys LOVE, and not Boy rape-o-rama where only the Gachimuchi gets pleasant endings and the only ‘route’ where Tomo spends the whole time イチャイチャing is with a geezer. The ‘good’ end is supposed to feel rewarding, not rage-inducing where even the last main-game ending is a trial of frustration because hello all the worst points of the other routes being combined into one as the only fun time is Tomo tasting his owbn meducide of donotwant.jpg during a part of the ending bit.

To anyone who still feels foolish to play even after reading this, do consider long and hard about if you wish to suffer stuff like hours upon hours of characters screaming into your ears while assrape is like the mildest kink you have to suffer through thanks to stuff like bestiality, golden showers, asphyxiation, bukkake-food, stuff being pushed into places where they clearly don’t belong etc or just resort to doing the fluff ends while using a guide and pretend the rest don’t exist.

As for me, I’ll the next month or so wiping the whole of this games existence from my head with trying to finish Neo Angelique ┗(^o^ )┓三

Published by koorinokokoro

Female Leo born in 1988. Enjoy playing games of various genres ie RPG's, VN's (Otome/BL), while translating stuff to practice japanese from time to time. Sometimes the posts/tweets may have stuff whritten in japanese

19 thoughts on “BL Game Review – Hadaka Shitsuji by Madalabo

  1. LOOOLLLL お疲れえええええぇ!!!!
    It was rather entertaining to watch you play this at work (even though most pics were NSFW www)

    1. サンキュゥ♪(o ̄∇ ̄)/

      lol Glad to hear shadenfreude can lead to at least SOME positive sideffects (as you were never stuck with listening to the 2 rape-BGM and sucky voiceacting for hours and hours) www

      Now I’ll have no problem with finishing Hanayoi/doing Crimson series next year (`・ω・´)キリッ

  2. uwahhhh yoku dekita otsukaresamadesu~~!!

    I want you to know how much I love your BL game reviews !! ( ´ω´)// I think I’ve read them all. So amusing! Occasionally I get traumatized by BL games when they’re sooo rapey but no one else seems to mind orz Being more of the plays-for-fluff-and-Japanese-refresh type.
    It’s good to see someone with certain limits who still likes the genre!! I’ll be staying away from this one.

    1. (‘-‘*)アリガト♪

      Oh? I’m very glad to hear that then. Following the BL for years has made me in a similar position where I appreciate well-whritten plot/fluff a lot more than the mindless PWP/Rape crap a lot of game this genre are filled with (that I’ve gained a high tolerance for), so I’m happy to hear if my reviews are of help to someone

  3. Could you possibly spoil me and tell me the ending that explains the main storyline? I just feel so curious

    1. Well, maybe a little bit…this once.

      End 26 latter half explains that Tomo was set up to be fired by his true daddy that owns the mansion so he’d possibly inherit, as both turns out to be part of some special cursed bloodline that has super-charisma for drawing in/dominating people as a perfect-leader while having quite a nasty sadistic streak. Somewhere in-between there was a bet between the parents if Tomo’d be able to resist the dickhead genes when reaching adultood => He didn’t because raping men for life HELL YEAH. The End

  4. OOooo much obliged, I see then the cg with the old man kissing tomo was him and his dad =.= incest….

    1. Indeed, as that felt like one of the best moments just for Tomo getting a taste of his own medicine and proceeding to throw up immediately after daddy’s ‘way of greeting’.

    1. There is a CG that when the old butler is young, he is RAPED by the owner so..yeah.

    2. He’s a seme. When he was younger he helped the age of gods(master of the house) have sex with the maids and butlers in the house until they all left and helped him do sadistic things. Which explains why he was so used to doing things like tying people up or getting instruments. So he is mostly seme. *shruggs* :3

      1. Exactly…what, are you talking about? 1) there is no age of gods, nor did any of what you say happen. 2)being a seme doesn’t work as an excuse for anything.

  5. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that at least one person out there thought this game was worth translating over other BL games that actually have things like “plot” and “likable characters.” I found a post that shows what happens in Komine’s route and if that was honestly the BEST route in the whole game (vegetable rape and bestiality DONOTWANT), I shudder to think of how awful the other routes must be.

    With that said, I almost want to download this game just to see how fucked up it gets. Almost.

    1. People have different tastes and the one thing this game proved – there ARE sadly examples that would respond to this game with glee once the patch was out (as people just seem to shrug away all the abuse with going ‘lol I’m a sadist so <3').
      I doubt there really is a best route, as Komine is the only one where Tomo displays some inner struggle (and yet as you say, those things happen and it all goes downhill).

      Do yourself a favor and don't. The only thing that awaits there is borderline-corpse humping (among other things)

  6. I thought this was going to be a great game but seeing your reviews makes me want to back out. But I already have the game and it would be a waste to just abandon it. ;w;) I mostly go for the fluffy games and I wanted a change of environment. Maybe this was a bad idea afterall..

    1. Hmm…well the only advice I could offer is maybe only aim for the ”bad ends” first then see how much you can stomach the alternative (as iirc Toudou had the milder shenanigans while Arisato had the worst)? The game’s really dependant on how the player feels on it’s sense of err…asshole humor? Direction picked for avoiding the usual tropes these games go for? And while I disagree with it, I’ve seen people that do and I’m not gonna judge them for that. Just don’t make the purchase as a reason to force yourself through all of it even if it does make you uncomfortable

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