Otome Game Review – Hanayoi Romanesque ~Ai to Kanashimi, Sore ha Kimi no Tame no Aria~ by Marvelous Ent.

Plot: ”We begin our story when the daughter of a house filled with teachers, Kirihara Tamami, is accepted as a teacher at the old-fashioned Nonoka Middle-school which is mainly run by the widely-known Houshou family.

Clearly not having the mental capacity to dress herself in the mornings (much less teach people), it doesn’t take long till she comes face to face with the ancestor of the Houshou household – Rentarou, who 1)reveals that the whole family is suffering from a curse known as LOGOS and dear Tamami is the special-sue with the power which can free them of it 2) Requests for her to marry one of the potential husband candidates that are present.

Not one to turn away the request for help, thus was how unknowingly Tamami got herself dragged into the great soap opera that is Houshouside.”

Gameplay: 1)Lot’s of choices, with the plot being divided in 34 ch that’d offer to save between each & make 1 playthrough around 25-30 h long.

2) The much more irritating, gathering of keywords both for fulfilling the ”free from LOGOS a” mechanic & ‘talk topics’ for one of the character clear rewards by pressing x during certain sentences. Without using a guide, there is never any indication for which characters phrase or description of the surroundings would suddenly matter . Missed one? reload a previous save and hope it was still at a point before it because the game just won’t register it unless it’s the current line ‘spoken’ even if its sitting there in the recent backlog.

‘Fitting’ the lackluster plot, a lot of the game’s programming also turned out to be quite crappy with no Quick-save/load, skipping is only done with force-skip button that won’t care for stopping at discovered keywords. And icing on the cake by my copy – the sound would glitch out quite often so it wasn’t rare for the BGM to disappear 3 seconds into it and led for the game to become completely unplayable when the loss of sound seemed to make the game crash during the slow+unskippable credits.

Characters: For having a star-cast by most of them, it is hard to even try caring when each and every one of them would turn to head towards being a half-sane incestuous self-destructive suicidal manslut. I mean seriously, when even the closest thing to the villain is a loco obsessed with his one-side love for a dead person who’d have no qualms about psychically or emotionally torturing people around him even if it meant driving one of his sons towards suicide after a period of giving ‘magical’ drugs or plotting for his wife to be raped by his own damn father (who of course would later has no qualms of trying to fuck his own granddaughter). The closest to likeable though, would probably be Kikyo (Suwabe Junichi), Aoi (Yusa Kouji), Ayame (Nasalkawa Hikaru) & Taisho-boy (Ono Daisuke)

And dealing with Tamami, doesn’t help either. Even if the girl does grow to have bit of a brain & a spine, there’s the fact of how the game on top of making her being a retard that repeatedly does short summaries of a scene that happened min ago near the end of the previous chapter just as the next one starts or does a summary of ‘this is poor Ayame-kun who has had to deal with this this this happen in the past’ for no reason but also basically makes her a half-way slut herself by accepting everyone’s attempts at courting her till suddenly 5 min before the credits she loves only x.

Conclusion: As another game based on a Mobile Game, it is…total crap. Honestly.

If Orange Honey held the sin of boredom, Hanayoi’s attempt to be ‘dark&mature’ passes the point of ridiculous. I mean, when even the last chapter has Tamami herself almost jump off a cliff to suicide? Couple that with how instead of characters getting a personal route, the whole game instead has the all fall for Tamami PMS’s with stuff like her going ”I love you Kikyo-sensei!” then having a makeout session with someone else while all ”Aoi-san…♡_♡”.

The graphics themselves are sub par as well, as everyone looks strange when doing open-mouth expressions and difference of CG-quality between the original&new to the PS2 is so clear it feels less of a case of the artist leveling up in his/her skill but it being two totally different people where the later was given no instructions of the other did the color&shading.

tldr; – This game most likely appeal to people who are extreme masochists that have many many hours to waste. As for me, I played it because someone had to sacrifice themselves to see how far the rabbit-hole of crap went and seemed to be the only one could last past the prologue. Suffice to say, the game never got better and I just called it quits after it repeatedly froze during the credits because there’s only so much crap I can bear with how obvious the copy-pasta parts by the other endings will be when there’s still a long list of things left in the never-ending backlog that’d be less painful to watch.

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Female Leo born in 1988. Enjoy playing games of various genres ie RPG's, VN's (Otome/BL), while translating stuff to practice japanese from time to time. Sometimes the posts/tweets may have stuff whritten in japanese

7 thoughts on “Otome Game Review – Hanayoi Romanesque ~Ai to Kanashimi, Sore ha Kimi no Tame no Aria~ by Marvelous Ent.

  1. half-sane incestuous self-destructive suicidal manslut.

    `;:゙`;:゙;`(;゚;ж;゚; )ブッ lmfaoooo
    guess this is like the prototype for Gekka, except at least Gekka didn’t have a massive kuso system to deal with aside from everyone being a wacko. You should play that soon! Then you can make a lulzy comparison 😆 Though now that I think about it I don’t think Gekka was this bad…. lol

    1. lol I guess but then Gekka also didn’t get 34 whole chapters to go as far while combing everyones route into ONE story XD;
      I wouldn’t be surprised if one DID get inspired off the other when Hanayoi was a mobile game popular enough to get a PS2 port/sequel after all (and could use one of the readings for the schools name for the latters title)

  2. “it is hard to even try caring when each and every one of them would turn to head towards being a half-sane incestuous self-destructive suicidal manslut.”
    Oh my god. I couldn’t stop laughing after I read just this line xD
    And I seriously give you props for sacrificing yourself to play this game… it sounds like the worst game on the planet ( ゚ Д゚) I probably would have just given up right when I read or learned about the system hahaha xD I would have (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ my way straight out and away from that game :p lol

    1. Heh, well there is no better way to describe it really as I can’t really say it’s the worst. Just among the most redundant ports of a crappy mobile game that apparently even got a sequel.

      And no one would blame for doing that either, as one sacrifice was enough so play some good games instead dear grass-hopper lol

      1. It got a sequel? o_o How LOL is everybody who played this game an intense Do M or something and likes inflicting this sort of system on themselves? xDD;;

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