Android App – The Idol/rhythm game extravagnza

since this year seems like companies are jumping ship left and right to join in on the fad after Love Live’s success, why not do a compilation on some of them?

Starting with…


That tells the tale of the most recent class of recruits for ‘idols in-training’ at an academy built by a famous agency solely for the purpose.

Your job? Be the teacher/producer that will help them grow into form while also dealing with the seniors meddling with the newcomers


Gameplay:  Interface sharing the most resemblance with llsif , the game quickly surpasses the equivalent by introducing daily missions that grant stuff ranging from healing items to restore lp to earning disks for the gatcha or exp/coin cards.

Party deck building is taken a level further too, for each character has 2 skills – personal (that is going to be mostly either healing or score boosts) and band ones that are activated by having all the other members present in that deck (that tend to have a lot more variety, since along with score boosting it can also be an increase in the bonding points or a percentage for missed presses being treated as a perfect instead etc)

Songs are divided into basically each band having their own genre so it’s pretty easy to get stuck into liking one of them


Characters:  While the fact that each group has a different artist might feel weird, as of now I’ve yet to really dislike any of them. Rather, the producer likely ranks at the top for being really great at dealing with a lot of the guys in a ‘deadpan pro’ way so seeing more of her becomes pretty much like one of the goals when looking to unlock more of the stories


Conclusion: Pro points – 1)possibly being among the most easily to get into of the bunch, since both the music and characters are nice and certain skills make clearing higher difficulty songs feasible even if the player isn’t that used to the higher speeds. LP recovery rate is pretty fast too

2(?) Passes the ‘is Maeno in this’ test by being one of the first seniors introduced

3) Hi KENN

Con points – along with having a bit of a device heat up issue even at lower visual settings, to get all of the voice data can be an issue since a lot of them are treated like extra data to download when it’s outside the main story (if thankfully as a skippable option so it’s not this complete roadblock when catching up to the unlocked bonded skits)


Is the more general story of the low-rank idol agency putting in charge the presidents daughter, Takanashi Tsumugi, to be in charge managing their newest possible talent – a group of 7 youngsters with different specialties. aka Idolish7, as they face a variety of difficulties on their way to a debut.

Gameplay:  Standing out by having a fully voiced story mode, the actual song gameplay is….fairly poorly designed. As while you can’t ever really ‘lose’ by a song due to there being no health meter, stuff like the visual effects or the background mv (that can thankfully be disabled) are fairly distracting. The presense of flick and slide notes aren’t helpful either


Characters: While not dislikeable, the main group suffers from not feeling that special due to how ‘dramatic’ the main plot tends to be. A matter which combined with the rival-band, TRIGGER, having a lot more appealing conflict going on behind the scenes can make the game hard to get into


Conclusion: Pro point – 1)the most friendliest to genre newcomers, since having no loss condition + an option to adjust song speed makes clearing the challenges be just a matter of memorizing the pattern

2) Fully-voiced mainstory is nice, even if…cliche-ish

3) Idolizing being a mechanic where an R card can be evolved till being SSR with enough copies is also pretty user friendly

4(?) Arina Tanemura being the main artist can be a part of the appeal

5) Hi again, KENN

Con points – 1) as noted above, the rhythm part design can be difficult to like

2) Card inventory is limited to 50, which can quickly run out as the player keeps copies for further idolization. Buying more naturally demands money currency while giving not that much extra slots

3) the money gacha’s only extra feature is only adding an extra card if you do 10xpull, so hope you weren’t expecting great results \o/

On the list of pending an extension after release:

”Yumeiro Cast/Dream-colored Cast”

Sega joins the bandwagon, as the characters this time are a musical troupe that picks up the MC after seeing her scenarist skills?

”Let’s start up a band!/バンドやろうぜ!”

Sony couldn’t resist the boom either, so why not do a title for a more mixed audience about music being lost for like 15 years till a group of rebel youngsters decide to fix that(?).

”Nijiiro Days/Rainbow Days”

When a shoujo manga not only earns a tv series, but looks to do app shenanigans too…?

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10 thoughts on “Android App – The Idol/rhythm game extravagnza

  1. Yes play music game for biases especially for kennu massu and iguchi wwwwwww
    Bandyaro has girls too which makes it good for those who prefer female bands
    What is this nijiiro days
    Havent seen it

    1. Luckily, I’ve seen enough games to not have biases be the decisive factor…too much ww
      Nijiiro looks to be as noted – a shoujo manga originally, dealing with a group of 4 highschool dudes being friends and whatever not. Then an anime was announced this year. Then an app that will use rhythm game action for unlocking fanservice stuff on the series like voiceclips and drawings.

  2. I found Aichuu’s gameplay to be similar to LL but not really liking the placement of it, because my hands cover the screen as I’m pressing. The issue wouldn’t be a issue if it’d been on the top instead.
    Idolish actual gameplay is so bad, smh, really dislike how the notes fall ugh

    1. Ah, guess that’s where playing Aichuu on a tablet is helpful since the screen is a lot larger there to match how my hands aren’t that small either (while lacking input lag issues that LL would suffer when I tried that).

      Long exposure to I7’s gameplay has caused flicker vertigo if you look at the notes too long so that’s a record in a way (though YumeCast gets points for the grand idea of having the background constantly swaying during songs)

      1. How can you see and tap at the same time if the hands in the way? Aichuu is just very weirdly designed tbh, if it wasn’t, I’d still be playing and enjoying it ORZ
        LL does tend to lag a lil, yah, hated when it happened because I’d miss ORZ
        Flicker vertigo??? Geebus, I tried playing without the background, but it gets so dry and bland and boring without it, but with it it’s really not possible to focus. + the falling notes being so weird, and taking forever for new songs to unlock, it’s why I ended up quitting it :’D
        YumeCast? I haven’t played that one, maybe I should try it 👀

      2. I balance the tablet against something so it stands upright at the same level? Since your hands only need to be near the bottom anyway, having the screen be semi-vertical has been the way that’s made playing rhythm game apps the most comfortable so I’d say it’s more a case of different strokes for different folks (though aichuu noted on having a major update soon so who knows what that’ll change).
        Well uhh…yumecast depends on how much you like the ‘notes’ being something that takes up the whole screen so it’s a lot easier to get disoriented by the higher difficulties

      3. That’s a good idea! I just always good it in my hands rip
        Ooh, major update?? Intrigued. If they optimize it better, I’ll def be returning to try it again then 👀✨
        I’ll take it for a spin, if I don’t enjoy or like it, away it goes 👌😹

      4. well, another option is sitting down and putting the tablet on my knees. A bit more clunky to play but still keeps both of my hands free so I can just place them near the bottom screen while watching.
        Uhh, good luck? iirc yumecast was doing a collab with Bungo stray dogs right now

      5. 👀✨👌
        Yumecast didn’t work out in my tablet, dunno why but it tends to crash or not load up. So I guess I’ll have to go without it :’D

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