A3! (Act!Addict!Actors!) by Liber Ent.

aka the recently released 2nd title from the company that did Ichu/Aichuu (as I revive this blog to provide a semi-review + tutorial)

Join the adventures of Tachibana Izumi (aka Manager or M-chan), who’s trip in the hopes of finding her missing father after receiving a letter from an acquaintance ends in disaster.
The theater company her father once led would not only be in great debt, but also in danger of being immadiately destroyed as a way to collect the unpayed money the current owner had accumulated.
The only way to escape that situation? Only if she fulfills the Yakuza leaders 3 conditions, which would include Izumi becoming the new manager of the group to avoid anymore damaged that could be caused by the current one.


Gameplay: Pretty much elements from I7+Ichuu meets…ensemble stars in a way?
With the main story being fully voiced, the best way to describe the system is that it’s great if you’re looking for something that you can multitask the more repetitive bits by (as an attempt to tutorial the basics can be found later in this post) as the gacha’s rarity rates seem pretty decent both cost-wise (145 crystals isn’t that hard to earn) and result-wise? (Since without pulling shenanigans or actual money investment, I’ve gotten around 4 ssr + over 10 sr cards)

Characters: 20 in total, divided in troupes labeled after each season there is a pretty big chance someone will stick out as likeable. For example, simply by going through the prologue/Episode 1 the Spring group has Masumi (who makes one question why this didn’t get the otome label) and Itaru (the gaming neta nerd) who stand out in their gimmicks.
Izumi, much like the previous titles Producer, also gets points on not really being a silent bystander but instead is another quirky member of the plot who deals with both recruiting and teaching the people she recruits while learning their eccentrics

Conclusion: Personally, I’ve been enjoying A3 a lot since the character interactions have been entertaining and the lack of well….dedication it demands for the player to keep taptaptapping the screen feels refreshing since stuff like affection grinding to unlock side stories can grow old really fast if it’s the same thing over and over.
So instead the player can just focus on either reading said stories or messing around with the other mechanics.





Which brings us to the more in-depth tutorial. Staarting with


The self-explanatory starting page which features the character you’ve chosen as your main favorite who you can poke to hear various voiced lines that can change depending on the time (if the clock looks to be server-based to be the current time that’s in Japan, so depending on time zones the guy can be grumbling about you getting up when to you it’s like midnight). Present icon is well…presents like login rewards and such. Letter icon is in-game news.


”Story” again is…easy to figure out as there the section for the main one that you can choose to view either voiced or unvoiced that unlocks new chapters with each player rank.  ”Backstage” is the character-focused side stories earned by filling up the bond meter of the characters card.

”Cross-Backtage” looks to be the main money-trap where the condition unlock a story is having the listed SSR cards of the character combination that’s shown there.

”Mini-talk” are the bits that are shown during ‘play practice’.


”Members” is your token section where you can manage your card inventory and such.  Options start with ”Unit edit” as the 1st one

As said teams are divided in the ones used during ”Play practice”, the teams in charge of ”Play performance” (aka the one place where the numbers become important) aand…the players ”Favorites” where the characters chosen as the leader is featured on your main page.

2nd option is personal training….that’s the token ”sacrifice cards you don’t want/exp coaches to raise another’s level”.

3rd is ”Special training” that if I7 is to go by, you gather specific items to give a stat boost (as the higher the rarity, the more bothersome the item requirement is)

4 is ”Bloom” or what others mobage call evolve/limit break/ascend/etc where you need two copies of the same card and sacrifice one of them to raise the others level limit (which can be done twice, but the cards image only changes the 1st time)

Doing this tends to include hearing the character chant ”Bloom-bloom-Blooming!”

5 is ”Member list” aka your card inventory where you can put a lock on the ones you don’t wish to accidentally lose.

6 is where you sell them……as a voiced character will actually pipe up to comment on being ‘fired’ from the troupe.


”Stageplay”  after picking what play you’re focusing on gets 3 sections.  First is the Practice course (that would be the most deja vu to people that’ve dabbled in enstars),  where the lp points are used as in return you earn bond points/exp/item+character card drops as filling the pink meter (30%,60%&100%) earns a mini-talk with the character  that’s listed as the practice partner for the course you picked. Orange crowns are sub-missions that reward free gacha crystals as the general pattern that I’ve seen until now is –


1 is having the fev-I mean Actors High mode trigger during the course, that can only be achieved by having your deck team be of the same troupe as the practice partner so each time they pop up gives 4% to the tension bar (aka the note symbols). Said mode itself rewards in more exp/bond points(?) while active.

2 lists having cards of a different season group present (ie 1 winter 1 spring even though the course partner belongs to autumn etc)

3 is the trickiest, as it lists the name of a character who has to pop up 3 times during a single run of the course…that is easier done if you have multiple cards of said character (as there are no restrictions) and also rewards in a 4th minitalk scene.

Don’t want to bother having to sit through the many repeated runs it takes to fill out a course? Hello auto-button, as the game will pause when a mini-talk in unlocked! Motivation on why the player should bother full-clearing each course? Well, aside from the gacha crystals the reward for full-clearing a play earns the achievement that unlocks the vocal song featured in said play by the jukebox.


”Play viewing” aka the ticket icon is where you can watch the characters you’ve picked to perform act out the play the course is for at the price of one ticket item (that’s pretty easy to get). No restrictions present here either, so you could in fact make a play consist of all roles being played by the same dude as long as your inventory allows it (and it is silly yes)


”Play performance”  is where the sp points get used for another way to earn coins/card drops…as long as your team’s total score is larger than your opponents (as this is also where finally the other players pop up as a helper for boosting your team)


”Street Performance” would be the closest to the main minigame where you select 2 characters to watch interact before/after a scene of them juggling as the players job is to tap the hearts that pop up from the audience as the reward is either coins or items.

As this neither uses lp or sp, the limiting factor instead is that each location has a cooldown period before you can go there again (as the places look to be unlocked by reaching certain player ranks?)


And lastly, ”Menu” is well…the menu.  Most options are obvious as the list there can be translated as – Shop, Player Profile, Items carried, Title list (aka Achievements, as earning one also gifts items and such) , Member album, Illustration (aka CG) Album, Juke Box (where you can set up what music plays on your main page), Support, Options, Help (aka the basic Q&A for common issues), Data transfer, Cache clear, Back to the title screen, Movie playback (aka view the op again?).





As thus ends the tutorial so happy playing to whomever else may decide trying this out?

Published by koorinokokoro

Female Leo born in 1988. Enjoy playing games of various genres ie RPG's, VN's (Otome/BL), while translating stuff to practice japanese from time to time. Sometimes the posts/tweets may have stuff whritten in japanese

11 thoughts on “A3! (Act!Addict!Actors!) by Liber Ent.

  1. .
    Definitely making me lust and want to play this now /shakes fist at you
    Mobile hell is real 😭
    Really like how it has so much variety if play, instead of being just one and getting stale quickly. Plus the art is so pretty aaah 😻😻😻👌✨
    I really need to try this out 👀✨

    1. A-at least it’s a hell where the gacha is kind? I know horror stories of places where a person can invest thousands of real money and still not see the shiny ssr symbol.
      It takes the element that would grow stale the most easiest and let’s you…not do it. Just press the autobutton and put the device down for a bit while it does it for you. I’m just waiting/hoping for when the time comes on adding an avatar for the mc as well (since Aichuu’s p-chan got that as an option in the settings by one of the later updates and they have included a picture on how Izumi looks by the hp).
      Hope you have fun when you do~

      1. Gacha being kind is nice.
        Omg same! Did you see about that guy that spent 7000$, people converted the yen, and still didn’t get the gacha item? That’s gambling levels of ripoff for sure x.x

        I started playing it, I’m weak. I’m really liking it, tbh I wish it’d just skip that unless we got an item or a scene, cause it’s pretty useless overall /shrugs
        Ooh, aichuu now can have an avatar? Waah!
        I want A3 to get it too then, especially since Masumi fell for her at first sight but we have no looks 😹😹😹😹
        Thanks! I am actually, this game is super gentle and gives lots of SSR unlike EnStars which is just hard in my soul. Having a fave in Enstars is just byebye if you don’t wanna spend any money at all 😹

      2. If it’s what I’m thinking of, then that’s not even the tip of that iceberg since the person never quit further investments.
        Eh, maybe someday? Since I understand them at least wanting to show off the line quips during it so it’s easier to programm auto to function like it does during the story
        Aaand we do actually have Izumi’s looks, just not in-game. The hp has a full picture of her
        re:Enstars the moment I realized you needed really hard money investing to have a chance during the events is where I just dropped it. The repetition just didn’t feel worth it even if the characters are likeable

      3. I’m not sure, I know i remember it got on the news and they ended up having to cap. 500$ and then the game would give it to you. I think they might have returned the money, since it was lent money, but maybe not :’D
        Oh really?? I need fo check that out then, cause i wanna know what she looks like~ thanks! 😘
        Enstars is hell for sure, you need to spend lots of time too to get anywhere. And the gacha is a vicious thing, unless you drop $$$ there’s no way you’re getting good cards. I want to like the game, but yeah, once I realised how tough getting dias is and how the gacha is so against the player, I had to stop playing ORZ
        A3 has none of these issues, bless it. Loads of dias, SSR drop quite a lot too 😻😻😻👌

      4. Theen it’s probably a different thing since what I’m thinking of is part of the many horror stories fate/grand order has created (as there was a person that visited them directly to talk about the gacha hell at some point)
        The only decently…friendly app happyelements has created is probably the more rpg-ish Mercstory, and that’s because there’s a lot less stress re:the event types there so gacha isn’t that necessary (and there’s a medal shop you can buy the monthly 4stars from)

      5. Oh, really? I think the one I heard about was for Chain Chronicle, not entirely sure.
        I guess this shows it isn’t a one time event.
        I wanna try FGO but my Japanese… Plus I’ve only seen the first anime haha
        Oooh friendly app sounds interesting. Will write Mercstory to check it out then, thanks!

      6. CC? Guess it must have been real early since now they’ve made systems where you get a guaranteed ssr ticket or character after 30 rolls and such.
        Ah, well FGO and GBF are basically the two rivals when it comes to rpg-like apps where the companies went as far as making limitedtime ”real money-only” gacha offers for players that really want and a guaranteed ssr no matter what.
        Re:Merc they’re having an anniversary campaign right now so they even offer a increased percentage(+initially cheaper price) gacha that lasts till tommorow…ish? For an easier start when checking out

      7. Yeah, I think it was at the start of the game tbh.
        Geebus, real money only… P2p
        Ooh really??!! Need to download to take advantage of it then, thanks! 🙏👌

  2. I was interested until I found out there’s no music game portion lol. Oh well I guess I’ll be sticking to yumecast, it’s the only one of these things that’s kept my attention for half a year.

    1. It kinda figures since the company already did the fad with their first title (which did better in still keeping me active for how long it’s been out while trying out Yumecast had the events burn me out on it pretty quickly lol)

      Though honestly speaking with how many of these kind of apps come out day by day, it’s really a contest on who’s the most upfront on the ‘free’ label being just there for show when there’s the reality that all of these are just a temporary thing that will end sooner or later (so seeing too much signals of ”give us money asap” from one ends up feeling more like the company is baiting to get as much as they can before disappearing with it/the player loses interest from the tedium of repetition)

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