BL Game Review – Omega Vampire (ported ver) by Karin ChatNoir

Plot: ”In a world where vampires have revealed themselves to be an active part in society thanks to the invention of manufactured blood aka Ex-Blood that’d be offered in vending machines right next to your average soft drink.

Our protagonist, Moriya Keiichi, is this total nobody with 0 motivation to even attempt at standing out when he’s just some Beta with no talents with a penchant of being more of a scaredy-cat in general to boot.

A matter that one day causes a pretty big rift with his one friend/classmare Tani who really did not appreciate Keiichi reacting as if he was deer facing headlights when Tani was seeking moral support on stopping their Alpha classmate, Gousawa, from the nth time he was bullying their Omega classmate Fuwatari.

Pretty bummed out the rest of the day even when being treated to dinner by the one senpait he idolizes, Aoi Setsuna, doesn’t improve his mood too much things just get all the better when the one time Keiichi resolves to make up for his mistake when encountering Gousawa again…the kid runs right into a dumpster truck.

With no other options, Keiichi could only resolve on not wasting his life the same way by the next one while bleeding to death.

Alas, too bad for Keichi his current one was far from over as instead of the afterworld Keiichi would wake up next on an operation table and Aoi, who alongside putting a safetycollar on him, would drop the revelation that to save Keiichi’s life there had to be done an operation that not only changed Keiichi from Beta into being the more ostracized Omega…but also made the kid (at least partly) into the one thing he hated most – a vampire.”

Sooo,  once upon a time certain fanfic tropes got really popular in Japan to the point of becoming a whole subgenre and one day Karin dcided why not bank in on that by combining that with another ageold fanfavorite – V a m p i r e s.

…or at least that’s what the general first impression would be judging from the official art and the promoting material. The actual game itself?


It’s more like this campy shounen anime featuring vampires airing past midnight that only sometimes remembers how it was supposed to be based on omegaverse when in need of a convenient way to create a situation without the need to think up their own explanation for why it happens – need a reason for the other characters to be attracted to Keiichi even during their first meeting? It’s the omegapheromones!
Need a more fanservicey/nsfw scene? Uhh…Keichi forgot to take his daily dose of heat pills! Yeah…yeah that works!

The only time where that’s less of a case is possibly Heinrich’s route due to it focusing on the elements a bit more…but even then it never passed the territory of things that’s been present in vampire stories as is, just with different reasoning.

Gameplay:  is the token timed-choices since the company loves those+item system while including a status screen to follow progress.


Characters: For initially seeming not too likeable, over time it’s pretty hard to keep disliking Keiichi when you have this kid that grows out of being passive bystander-ish to  a lot more spunky attitude with a tendency to immediately tsukkomi the situation that would have a sprite series of just various degrees of ‘whythis’ + in his interractions with Genma/Heinrich’s turns amusingly cheeky when facing the oldest vampire duo.

And in similar vein those two ended up as the other favorites when it comes to personality/route since on one hand you have ‘vampire granpa’ Genma who claims on being a mature gentleman tm that leads the vampire society focused on coexisting with humans who’s serious personality sometimes results in goofy situations while dealing with how Keiichi would attempt to pry into his more personal thoughts vs Heinrich who in contrast you’d think would be the corrupt moral guy…but then he’s not and instead it’s Mr ”I’ve lived for so long I’ll appreciate any entertainment I can find”  where the interractions with Keiichi pretty quickly turn into this long fun debate/battle of wills of ”be my partner for life” ”NO” that never stopped being amusing until the glorious final twist.


Conclusion: Simply put? OV probably suffers a lot in how it’s really not the thing you’d assume from it’s cover so it could be disappointing for those that got hooked by the promise of omegaverse stuff and it’s very easy dismiss it because of it too by the people that dislike ‘verse instead too. Heck, for a long while I was one of those people that saw it as something not for me since I’m not into the ‘verse setting.
Then one day the curiosity got the better of me after seeing repeated emphasis on it being ‘interesting’ and was pleasantly surprised? Instead of dropping the game an hour in I was hooked on just seeing where things go since this felt more similar in tone to Princess Nightmare from waaay back where even if the plot includes some dark elements most of the game is just too overthetop to really be bothered by it (at least in the switch ver). The one actual con I can think of is how you can tell Karin made this while  intending a sequel thanks to there being a number of plotpoints that never get answered and the Grand ending even openly shows a ”To be continued…?” after it’s own credits.
Still, I’d probably recommend it to anyone not completely repulsed on OBA stuff to at least give this a try for the entertainment value. OV may not be the ‘best game ever‘ and has it’s own share of questionable moments/content but it feels selfaware enough that the way how it pokes at things through the characters kinda makes up for it?

Bonus points if one likes Sawa too since this game is all about hearing him really sell the lines with how he voices Keiichi and personally the title managed to be fun enough here to ponder going through the original version at some point to see the differences.

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