Freeware Game – Sukida!

aka ”I love you!”

Tired of seeing the same usual tropes over&over?

Ever wondered what if instead of the mc being on the receiving end of things like a kabedon it was the male love interests instead? Well this is the game for you!

”好きだ!” is a pretty short yet humorous take where the main character, while sadly faceless, is the ikemen of the relationship no matter which route you’re going for since it’s whole concept is being like your average shoujo manga…..except the genders are reversed.

And for what it’s worth? It did it well enough. Even if the mc doesn’t have dialogue outside of choices she doesn’t feel that personality-less. The capturable characters (more so Tsuda) were cute enough. Content volume itself is pretty decent since 8 endings with 20+ cgs isn’t that little for a title that’s offered for free yet had obvious effort put into it with some of the tiny details the scenario keeps track of + having the extra gallery include messing around with the sprites as an option.

As long as language barrier isn’t an issue I’d probably recommend at least trying this out for the experience. It’s short enough to not overstay it’s welcome and not too complicated to get the romantic ends when the creator offers a guide by the dl link if needed

Published by koorinokokoro

Female Leo born in 1988. Enjoy playing games of various genres ie RPG's, VN's (Otome/BL), while translating stuff to practice japanese from time to time. Sometimes the posts/tweets may have stuff whritten in japanese

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