BL Game – Uuultra C by ADELTA

Ultra trainwreck3149

Overall plot: ”The year’s 1970 of later Showa.

The stage this time is an alternate Japan where Heros & Kaiju are not just fictional figures seen on tv but also exist in real life. However, instead of Kaiju just being these big bad monsters they’re also still kinda people that have human forms too so things aren’t as white&black even if most society at large would still stick to the more cliche image ingrained by hero shows and worship the Icaros as their absolute saviors of justice.

Now, as tensions are still in the air and people becoming kaiju is treated like some disease as the first step from prejudice to acceptance it’s time to experience a series of events that will flip the world over as a whole in the eyes of 3 different people (and their boyfriends).”

Gameplay: You just read. Seriously.

There are no choices. Just the main menu adding more ‘episodes’ in it’s list as you progress, totaling in 3. Each episode focuses on it’s own couple as similar to Hashihime the narration ‘genre’ differs depending on which is picked.

Ultra trainwreck42

Featuring a pretty daily sight in the Kagome/Kozuka household

Characters/route impressions: Kagome Shoutaro – main main character of ep 1 that’s overall a nice-ish guy with low selfesteem. Don’t let his cute looks fool you though, as kid has a pretty sharp tongue when around people he’s comfortable with (ie his boyfriend, Akira, being most often the target) while aiming to become an actor of one of the Icaros on tv just like his idol Sayashi Juuro.

Kozuka Akira – sub-main character, that’s the goofy ball of positivity to ”Shouchan”s negativity. Became one of my favorites 5 min into his debut scene and never really left since it was refreshing to see a couple where it’s main dynamic was just being positive&healthy supportive boyfriends.


Ultra trainwreck1517

Just your average day in the life of Choutsugai Shiro as he falls from the sky right into Isshiki’s arms and has very mixed feelings about it as a clear heterosexual tm

Choutsugai Shiro – The sweet baby boy ahem I mean main main character of ep 2, Shiro doesn’t take long to prove Shoutaro’s claim on him having at least 3 faces as right when he’s a cameraman juggling at least 3 professions from general photographer to taking shots for gossip scoops. Seeing his job as to be based on lying to the world, he spends most of his freetime not putting any effort into hiding anything about being a selfish opportunist that has no qualms on treating other people like garbage (more so if they differ from societal ‘norms’) as long as he can justify it to himself because even if the world hates him he has his one true love/bride-to-be Bell he shared a promise to marry as children. And boy is he devoted so watching his story was also watching Shiro climb status from ”well he’s clearly trash as a person but it’s also fun to watch how he burns because of it” to him really earning the phrase ”Shiro is cuteness incarnate just by merely existing” with how his character develops after initially spouting really phobic garbage

Isshiki Suzu – May or may not be one of the main causes of Shiro’s recent headaches by possibly being the Bell he promised to marry. With how Isshiki presents and how the only characters to label a gender were people aside from Isshiki (and well, the label of the games genre+profile going ”sister boy” I guess) I’ve just given up on trying to figure that one out as Bell is Bell and they’re pretty much 2nd cutest after Shiro (if very much a similar contrast to the 1st couple is at play here in how Isshiki would seem pleasant&nice in demeanor, but can be pretty ruthless behind the smile). The ED song being blatantly their pov did not help matters


Ultra trainwreck2431

Juuro is taking that next step on unsubtle hinting by volunterring Yomi as his new hugpillow for sleeping

Sayashi Juuro – Ep 3 main lead. Seemingly cold and distant, Juuro is more this awkward man that suffers from getting too out of tune with expressing himself thanks to being raised to be an actor since childhood so most of his life is like reading lines off a memorized script. The one exception to that is when he’s with Yomi so it’s fun times ahead when the question resounds on who’s gonna be there to protect him from falling apart emotionally when Yomi starts drifting away…

Hibarino Yomi – Ep 3 sub-lead and Juuro’s childhood friend/adoptive brother that’s also the walking Mr mystery that’d hang around the HQ of the real Icaros like an operator/supporter to assist Juurou in their meetings. You could even say he was kinda like the ‘mom’ of Icaros while Juuro was the ‘dad’ until things happen…..


Ultra trainwreck1076

Uran displaying the same expression I’d constantly have the moment Shiro does anything in this game

Conclusion: Well. This game was a ride and honestly? It’s the reason because of how much it was one that there are no detailed summaries this time since to me it feels like the type to best experience first hand as blind as possible.  Would I recommend it? Sure. UlC is visually impressive with how it mostly consists of scenes in CG form so the sheer ammount apparently made scripting a gallery for them impossible and the characters themselves were quite enjoyable. The music was pretty nice too as I liked most of the tracks (and Ep 2’s ”Übel” is forever stuck in my head now).

The story ‘quality’ really depends on the person so people that have played Hashihime kinda have the answer if they focus on how they felt on the later unlocked routes/the big exposition stuff there. Personally I liked it well enough to describe it as enjoyable (if also feel like going through ep 2 a 2nd time for reasons) but it also has certain content that might not be for everyone (ie the kaiju prejudice is basically racism where one of the episode titles even references a real historical incident not unintentionally judging by content and it’s treatment towards gender/sexuality  stuff can be seen as way too flippant)

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