BL Game Review – Aim:AI by Metanonna

Plot: ”We join the adventures of Aihara Tsugumu, a dude who works as an assistant in maintaining&managing the specially-controlled medical devices at a hospital who has developed a very bad habit of skipping meals entirely lately due to seeing them as too much of a bother when he could just as well take a dose of nutrients to suffice.
During an outing to attend a presentation relating to his proffesion the acquaintance with him, Endou Kazuo, notices the matter as now bad enough they offer Tsugumu the idea of being given a human-shaped android aka Humanoid they were going to dispose of otherwise as the possible solution since it’d be doing all the housechores & cooking in Tsugumu’s place.
Sadly, instead of actually being the case Midori turns out to have been made for something completely different so instead of gaining a superservant Tsugumu’s life now has the added issue of having to deal with Midori needing to gradually learn each skill bit by bit while his his best friend, Ueyama Hisaya, would repeatedly advise him to get rid of his new ‘roommate’ whenever the topic would come up.
So start the changes in Tsugumu’s life as alongside gaining parental fondness while watching Midori grow he starts questioning the more negative opinions he’d encounter re:humanoids…”

aim ai373

Gameplay: Token visual novel stuff that borders more on being a sound novel since the text only consists of spoken lines without any silent narration/descriptions. There was also the nice detail of the game offering furigana by certain kanji + new scenes would pop up per playthroughs (which kinda also decides the order of characters since that might include choices important for Hisaya)

Character/Route impressions: Tsugumu – after sitting through Hisora’s obliviousness, the simple fact that Tsugumu would recognize when his personal boundaries were being breached became a plus point. Otherwise….he doesn’t really stand out too much due to being the inherently nice kid with a reclusive personality

Midori – android kid who’s thing is to be the aloof weirdo. Sadly it’s pretty blatant that he was added into the game as more of a bonus so aside from succeeding in feeling ‘cute’ by his interactions with Tsugumu nothing much actually happens in his route to feel memorable

Hisaya – Tsugumu’s childhood and pretty much the main attraction of the game where you either get putoff by the blatant bias or end up liking the goof anyways. Results here went for the later where I ended up marathoning the route and don’t really regret it since it dealt with a plotline/question that I still can’t think of that much other titles of fiction that’d head in the same direction

aim ai203The game has a repeated joke on how Tsugumu’s job is quite the mounthfull to pronounce

Conclusion: While looking for a short romp, I recalled how this game existed and figure’d it’d be a fitting ‘end’ as the last game that has the same artist as Adelta’s titles while seeing just how bad this was that the company behind it shut down. Answer? Aim:ai can best be described as lost potential since the overall story/characters were fun enough and the text mostly being dialogue-only didn’t cause too much issues in understanding what’s going on. The art/cgs is where things start to get shaky though since for the date it came out by it feels a lot more like the step between Cocoon & Hashihime in style instead of something that came after.
Would I recommend this to others? Well. I almost would call at least Hisaya’s stuff as worth experiencing if found at a cheaper price buut it’d honestly be more the question of having to find the patches first before even thinking to touch this since without it the game is a buggy mess that locks the player into only seeing the bad ends and the official site doesn’t exist anymore. Thankfully I still had them tucked around somewhere so I didn’t have firsthand experience on how bad things truly were without them yet at the same time going through the extra stuff still landed a last surprise where a last issue would pop up during Hisaya’s afterstory with people having forgotten to implement the actual cgs there (aside from the gallery thumbnail) so all you ever see is a white screen with the cg labels in the corner….which when facing I would’ve been a lot more miffed about if it hadn’t felt like the most fitting way to end the game with (as tweet stuff goes here)

Henceforth is routesummaries containing spoilers!!




aim ai21

In Midori’s database the default greeting for when the master comes home is the good ol’ ”Would you prefer to have dinner first, a bath or me?”

Midori – with the motto of prioriting serving Tsugumu over everything else, most of the initial part of the story consists of the kid doing his best at learning house chores while seeking advice on what caused him to fail this time when the other returns home to a new mess. Tsugumu meanwhile would go from initial disappointment to gradually buying things that’d make Midori happy as if to make up for how he’d keep quiet when facing robot discrimination at work. Then things grow all the more awkward when Midori casually notes his initial purpose to have been as a substitute lover since his creator and Endou had been boyfriends. A detail that would kinda make Endou gifting Midori to Tsugumu a new form of matchmaking that Tsugumu would feel very awkward about so he spends the next day drinking with Hisaya (and threatening to pour alchohol on the other when instead of showing empathy Hisaya just notes the deal as far too funny and laughs in his face). During one of the holidays Tsugumu gets to feel even more unsure when Endou calls with the request on meeting the now active Midori…that includes asking if he can touch the kid that later concludes in a confession of the whole matter being a form of closure by recognizing how Midori is not Riku while planning to marry soon.

aim ai39Tsugumu’s enjoyment of a homemade dinner made by Midori quickly turns into regrets when feeling an odd crunchy substance

A different time Tsugumu gets the unpleasant news that Midori was actually built to not last long and instead has a selfdestruct program built in when his owner deems him ”unnecessary” so Midori gets confused when the fact has Tsugumu freak out and demand that he gets rid of it immediately. More days pass and gradually Midori grows veeery touchy feely which confuses Tsugumu on why the ‘bots being weird while pondering how close his feelings towards Midori in general are with a parent watching their kid grow. One evening as Tsugumu comes home and Midori’s ‘subtle’ hints grow as far as listing how he was using advice from an article on how to court an older lover as the explanation for his current actions… where the implications still fly over Tsugumu’s head until Midori starts hugging him and pulls a direct request on becoming boyfriends. Tsugumu is naturally bewildered at the news of Midori seeing him that way so after initially accepting the request for skinship he treats the matter as a topic he’d wish for Midori to never speak of again. If…both parties fail at pretending that nothing happened the next morning so once again a call from Hisaya works as good timing for Tsugumu to seek advice there (if said advice turns out to be more of Hisaya being prettty harsh in his opinions towards Humanoids).
Coming home that day lands the nasty surprise of finding out that Midori had been attacked on his way from shopping and seeking out a facility that’d fix him would just worsen matters since being a private-made model means needing the blueprints on how Midori was even built to have an idea on what to do&how. The situation is repeatedly noted as pretty hopeless since the actual person is dead and neither the relatives nor the lab Riku used to work at had anything of help so the only last possible clue ends up having Endou look into findind the mystery assistant that helped out at the time. Said assistant, Yabe, turns out to be a pretty antisocial dude who immediately rejects Tsugumu’s pleas for help before ultimately succumbing to Tsugumu’s tenacity on being too annoying to deal with otherwise so Yabe even volunteers to even be the one doing the fixing since from his view it’d sound a lot like part of the issue that was destroying Midori was the good ol’ selfdestruct program reactivating as part of the emergency selffixes and he’d be the best gamble at possibly rewriting that.
On the night before being handed in for repairs, Midori once again requests for intimacy as his one act of selfishness…so they end up humping (which clearly makes sense to do when the ‘bot was noted to be gradually falling apart. Right) With 2 months minimum being the estimated time for repairs Tsugumu gets to spend his days alone again while looking into earning the license that’d promote him out of just being an assistant as a distraction (since he’d been gradually debating on the matter for a while now thanks to watching Midori). Then the day arrives for Midori to come home and they reenact the beginning of the game with Tsugumu impatiently waiting for the delivery and introducing himself after he switches ‘on’ the kid before Midori reasures him that he remembers everything and feels happy that he was a humanoid since that meant they could reunite like this.

aim ai128

The correct way to greet your friend after being late is to spook them by lifting them up from behind -by Hisaya

Ueyama Hisaya – Tsumugu & Hisaya have been childhood friends for over 20 years and sometimes they’d wonder even why since the two would be pretty different in personality and shared no hobbies. During one of their meetings to drink together Hisaya decides it’s a fun idea to ‘surprise’ Tsugumu and pick the other up as his greeting after being late. Since this is after Midori’s arrival it doesn’t take too long for that to become their conversation topic after they’d order their food&drinks. Hisaya pretty immediately suggests that Tsugumu just returns the ‘bot to Endou by questioning if Tsugumu could even spare the attention to deal with the easily avoidable stress. When all he gets is stubborn refusal Hisaya just casually admits that he’s actual motive is because he’s gonna get lonely from Midori taking up some of the time Tsugumu would tend to spend with him before loudly pondering on how clearly it’s not that he’s losing to Midori in looks that’s the reason Tsugumu’s sticking with the kid right? After the silly banter he offers serious advice by suggesting Tsugumu attempts at least sitting down and talking with Midori as their 1st step to figure out their co-life.
During one of the later weeks Midori offers the observation that Hisaya is the one person Tsugumu communicates &hangs out with with the most (even when including his own family) if they also have this odd thing where it’s always based on Hisaya calling Tsugumu and never the opposite.

Then the whole shtick with Tsugumu learning Midori’s actual purpose comes up and Tsugumu gets drunk at Hisaya’s house only to have apparently forgotten his housekeys the next day as a result. Going for two birds one stone Hisaya pops up at Tsugumu’s doorstep later in the day so alongside delivering the item he can immediatelly fulfill how Tsugumu had challenged him to come over to cook in his drunk stupor when the other had mentioned the idea. It turns out to not be a one time thing either as Hisaya would repeatedly come over and teach Midori the basics. During one of them Tsugumu expresses relief at seeing Hisaya still treating Midori nicely even though during a previous phone call he had treated the robot prejudice talk as being in the right. Hisaya corrects that he’s actually on neither side when it comes to the subject. He does have a personal dislike re:Midori though…that the kid notes on being pretty aware of too, if Midori wouldn’t understand why Hisaya had declared the cooking lessons to be over even though he had a pretty useful excuse there and hadn’t been too subtle on how Tsugumu was his actual reason for the visits. During a later weekend the two go shopping for clothes together and Tsugumu decides to question Hisaya while even quoting the observation that Hisaya recognizes as Midori having noticed his ~secret~ so Tsugumu can only object to be the only one out of the loop. Hisaya offers telling him too…before stating that he wants Tsugumu to own him. Okay.

aim ai305When you’re not sure if your friend confessed one of his kinds or if they’re being just. that. weird

Tsugumu attempts translating that as Hisaya just wanting a Humanoid himself only to be denied as again Hisaya repeats that He. Wants. Tsugumu. To . Own. Him. That way they’d have the same position and Tsugumu’d pay equal attention to both right? Tsugumu is at a loss for words. Hisaya volunteers that all he needs is to give a yes/no on if he’d agree to have a 2nd ‘pet’ around in the form of Hisaya. Tsugumu objects how even as a ‘joke’, he didn’t find the idea of Midori being treated as his pet funny. Instead of apologizing Hisaya notes how he might keep showing that attitude as long as he sees Tsugumu show bias towards Midori. Tsugumu, since the silent implications clearly keep flying over his head, questions if Hisaya was even listening to a word he said so Hisaya can only echo the same sentiment. Even after dinner Tsugumu points out that Hisaya looks to be angry about something only for things to backfire since it just resumes their argument and if Tsugumu’s gonna be so insistant on hearing what he really thinks instead of once again closing the topic with his (empty) apology, he’ll question what Midori is to Tsugumu if not his pet then. Tsugumu replies that Midori is Midori, nothing more or less and how he’s grown to treasure the ‘bot. Hisaya is of course even more miffed at that. Tsugumu continues how it’s kinda like he’s gained a 2nd Hisaya so why wouldn’t he be happy about having a new friend? Seeing Hisaya not respond Tsugumu uses the moment to express how he’s grateful for Hisaya to have stuck with him for so long. Regaining composure Hisaya calls Tsugumu’s choice to use this timing to say something like that as cheating. Sulking Tsugumu exclaims how he’ll never ever say this again for life. Hisaya notes how even just once is enough since that was more honest than Tsugumu’s ever been…so even if he kiinda sorta hoped for something a step ‘further’, he’ll settle with this for today. Oblivious, Tsugumu expresses being miffed at that response. On parting Hisaya notes about reuniting in his dreams…that somehow is still something Tsugumu does not get the implications of past questioning if Hisaya was the type to believe such things. Hisaya notes that indeed he was just that type of romantic that’d wish for things like that. Speaking of dreams, Tsugumu points out how he’s never heard of Hisaya’s only for Hisaya to note that he does at least fantasize about them…even if there’s no way they’d come true.
Time passes and after the nth time Hisaya gets weird about Midori when Tsugumu invites him to join them for dinner during his call, Tsugumu resolves to confront the goof on what’s been bugging the other recently after they agree to be just the two of them at Hisaya’s instead. Pretty much confessing his intentions after they exchange greetings, Hisaya suggests they leave the topic for after dinner when switching subjects proves futile. Once it looks like he’s pulling another attempt later on too, Hisaya denies it this time by noting he actually wants Tsugumu to hear him out too. Tsugumu starts guessing with things like if Hisaya’s moving away where other proceeds to look into teasing him about if he’d feel lonely if that really was the case…that kiinda backfires since Tsugumu honestly gives a yes and Hisaya ends up needing a moment to process that before asking if Tsugumu was serious. Tsugumu questions why would he need to lie before noting how seriously. Hisaya’s been off lately so did something happen to cause that? Hisaya replies that yes, something did and he needs Tsugumu’s assistance because of it that Tsugumu easily volunteers…until it’s another repeat of asking for Midori to be dumped in the nearest trashbin. Tsugumu of course objects while Hisaya goes for full blunt with noting how to him it’s like Midori stole Tsugumu from him so he feels lonely too. Hearing Tsugumu claim they’re just housemates does not help since you do not call living with a robot that. In Hisaya’s eyes Tsugumu being with Midori is an eyesore. An obstacle he wants to be rid of instead of acting like they get along or being interested in the kids growth. Tsugumu questions if the reason is Midori being a ‘bot. Hisaya objects that no, he genuinely does wish for Tsugumu to be healthy but if it’s gonna be in the care of such an old model, Hisaya can perform way better. Tsugumu argues that he can provide for himself so he doesn’t for Hisaya to baby him like that. Hisaya expresses that he wishes to take care of Tsugumu. Tsugumu’s like ”uhmm, why”. Hisaya’s answer is that because HE is so much better equipped and perfect than Midori could ever be. Tsugumu translates that by asking if Hisaya was bragging. Frustrated Hisaya asks for Tsugumu to put in more effort to understand what he’s trying to say here since he knows Tsugumu’s not that oblivious. Similarly frustrated Tsugumu demands Hisaya just says things straight. Hisaya notes that unless Tsugumu notices himself he’d be breaking rules by doing that. At Tsugumu going ”???”, Hisaya does attempt nr 2 by proving a spelled out equation to see if that gets the other to catch on. It doesn’t…aside from Tsugumu questioning if he ever even told Hisaya about Midori being an older model. Hisaya confirms that indeed, Tsugumu never said anything about it yet he still knows. So the question is why? Tsugumu guesses that Hisaya was just familiar with the subject or something. With a long tired sigh Hisaya suggests that Tsugumu should just stay over since clearly this isn’t getting anywhere so maybe sleeping on things will help.
Tsugumu gets stuck pondering while he showers and they get as far as switching off the lights before he notes that he can’t sleep due to feeling too bothered about all of this. Hisaya reminding that they agreed to delay this for later just gets Tsugumu to argue that he won’t get it then either. What he needs is a more easier hint. At a loss himself, Hisaya ponders if the issue here is the nuance from how he’s been phrasing things. When Tsugumu focuses on how Hisaya mentioned rules Hisaya’s responses finally get him to piece things together
T: You said you were pretty high spec, right?
H: Yup
T: More than Midori?
H: The newest of brand new, I’m always up-to-date
T: So you’re…a humanoid?
Finally getting somewhere, Hisaya switches the lights back on while noting Tsugumu he guessed one thing right. He asks for Tsugumu to order him to share information about himself when the other is in disbelief. Turns out Hisaya is a ‘prototype’ made to study how well a humanoid could pass as a human without being noticed while collecting observational data. Even Tsugumu’s argument on how they clearly grew up together gets the tidbit on how on Hisaya’s side it was more him exchanging body parts to seem like he did.
As Tsugumu expresses on having too much info to process from this (and the added expositions) Hisaya jokes by offering to confuse Tsugumu even further. Tsugumu pleads mercy so Hisaya instead asks how he feels about the news that Tsugumu translates as re:how he got deceived for all these years. His response? Tsugumu punches Hisaya in the shoulder to vent how he is actually kinda pissed while questioning why it took this long for Hisaya to even say anything. It’s not like there weren’t chances before. Rather, would he have stayed forever silent if Midori had never appeared to agitate him? Hisaya fakes pondering before defending himself that he was planning to tell Tsugumu this. Sometime. Surely. Tsugumu declares that he won’t let Hisaya sleep tonight so he better be prepared to answer his million questions.

aim ai377Hisaya’s response? ”Kyaa how passionate” because it’s Hisaya.

So more exposition happens and Tsugumu recalls how at one point Hisaya had called him while sounding like he had a cold. Hisaya guesses that he had subconciouslly faked the condition to earn a certain somebody’s attention. Once done with the technical stuff Hisaya again asks for how Tsugumu feels after hearing what he is and such. Tsugumu expresses that while he was a tad surprised….that’s about it, since Hisaya is still Hisaya. Even if he’s somewhat miffed about the 20+ of getting deceived, Tsugumu confesses he might have been more surprised if Hisaya revealed he was actually a girl. Hisaya proposes the matter as actually fulfillable since all he’d really need to do is to change certain parts. Tsugumu notes feeling sick from just imagining that while Hisaya calls it a shame since he’d be all for letting Tsugumu touch his boobs&ass as girlsaya. On a more serious note Tsugumu asks about Hisaya’s heart. He technically has one that’s beating even right now right? Hisaya in turn asks how was Midori’s and gets confused when Tsugumu again repeats on never having touched the kid in such ways even though Midori had bedroom stuff as part of his built-in purposes. As Tsugumu once again denies on not using Midori for that type of stuff with a gentle tone Hisaya invites for him to reach and out and feel what’s it’s like for himself.

Having a complete moment now Tsugumu changes tones to ask why Hisaya decided to reveal his identity to him (even though it was supposed to be top secret). Hisaya notes the answer being obvious since he even kiinda said it earlier. As he’d note more of his technical details Hisaya deems himself as like the best life-partner you could ever have since he earns a lot, will live long and won’t disobey his owner. Tsugumu rolls his eyes as Hisaya continues he’ll deffinetely be there to see Tsugumu off no matter when he’d die.

aim ai400Hisaya says the one thing everyone’s thinking

That finally gets through to Tsugumu’s thick skull for him to ask if Hisaya was in fact in love with him. Hisaya responds with a well-deserved ”so you finally noticed. You’re so late, just how many years did you plan to make me wait here”. Tsugumu’s like ”what do you mean by years. Just for how long has this been a thing” ”Who knows? Think around highschool might have been the start. [I] have no idea aside from how it’s been a very long time ago since”
Tsugumu apologizes so Hisaya immediately asks about what exactly. Tsugumu recognizes that with how long he took it’s pretty likely that there were times he had pushed Hisaya into corners &indirectly hurt him without being aware of it. He proceeds to request for Hisaya to wait before he can answer, since even if to Tsugumu the feelings are flattering he needs time to digest & sort out his own before he can give a proper response to them. Seeing how genuine Tsugumu is about it, Hisaya expresses how he’s really glad he had told them now. He’s fine with getting rejected since at least he got freed from this weighting on him for so long. Tsugumu objects to Hisaya acting pessimistic when he had yet to reject him. In turn Hisaya volunteers that they go on dates starting next week then, since if Tsugumu was gonna claim he should think positively he’d also have no objections to accompanying Hisaya to at least a few dates riight? Tsugumu grumbles about feeling deceived as Hisaya objects that he is being serious here too…if he does indeed plan to enjoy himself by watching Tsugumu look troubled from being on the receiving end of his dating techniques too. Tsugumu argues for him not to assume they’d be too effective since he’s pretty serious about this too thank you very much. Hisaya waves it away by claiming how it’s fine for Tsugumu to not dwell on this too much. Tsugumu looks to object but Hisaya just repeats that really. It’s fine. [He] says so, so Tsugumu really doesn’t have to fret about any of this. Tsugumu’s neither obliged to genuinely think about this and it’s fine if he forgets this whole topic too if it ends up just troubling him as a result. Hisaya knows very well how there are things where thinking solves nothing…
Anyways, so they start dating and it’s actually not that different from when they hung out as friends (aside from Hisaya having this goody grin on his face by the first one) so Tsugumu starts pondering how angry the other would be if he just pulled the friendzone to stay as they were. Then the reveal about the selfdestruct programm happens by Midori and that ends in the two discussing how to easily detect when a humanoid is lying (you order them to be honest) and pondering about inviting Hisaya for dinner that night where the kid indirectly notes how he’s cheering for them to hook up after agreeing to keep it a shared secret when Tsugumu describes his opinion on Hisaya includes awareness on having a more fragile side hidden behind the carefree act.

Meanwhile on Hisaya’s side stuff is clearly ‘fun’ when he gets a call from the lab he goes for maintenance at that treats him as suspect bugging and demand he visits them for the next one soonish. Nor does Tsugumu recognize anything off at seeing his call history be filled with Hisaya’s name the next day that the other brushes off as being ‘nothing important’. It takes for Midori to advise to Tsugumu to at least try being the one to ask the othe other out for once to for things to head in a bit better direction…until Tsugumu during their talk of possibly getting lonely when Hisaya has to go for a trip due to work is all ”you keep repeating like a broken record on how lonely you’d be without me , it’s as if you were actually trying to woo me”

aim ai469

A certain some has had enough of apparently even a confession not curing Tsugumu’s lack of awareness

so Hisaya has to glare at him to step out of the oblivious zone. Tsugumu argues that he is aware (uhhuh), just having Hisaya be so insistently forward about his feelings has him at a loss on how to react so he’d rather have the ‘usual’ Hisaya back. Hisaya just points out that if they went back to that they’d just stay as friends which… completely ruins the point when he’d rather they be more than that and getting Tsugumu be actively concious of that is the first step. Tsugumu points out how that contradicts to his earlier speech on not needing to change so Hisaya just corrects that it was about Tsugumu, where Hisaya’d do his best to appeal romantically while he is free to take that as he wishes. More so since it’s not like Hisaya hadn’t done his fair share of hitting on Tsugumu even before the reveal, so all he could really conclude from how the other never noticing a thing is that the only option he has is to be blunt&straightforward for Tsugumu to get anything. Theen Tsugumu completely ruins everything further by letting slip that this whole thing was Midori’s idea right as Hisaya was noting the invitation as a good sign on Tsugumu at least taking steps to confront the matter.
Completely unamused that gets Hisaya to start asking if he was the obstacle and they pretty much getting into a semifight again to the point that after the nth time Tsugumu objects to how Hisaya treats Midori Hisaya starts loudly pondering how technically he could just lockup Tsugumu if he felt like it since humanoids are built psychically stronger than any human could be.

aim ai480

Tsugumu immediately objects that no he can’t (since humanoids are forbidden to harm humans) and Hisaya expresses how yeah in a pretty frustrating way he can clearly feel right now said limitation…so he instead asks permission to touch the others shoulder. Tsugumu instead hits his hand that was reaching out sp Hisaya expresses amusement on how he was actually a lot stronger than Hisaya thought him to be while pondering how he was basically experiencing the same feelings as the woman Hisaya had rejected at work right now. Unnerved Tsugumu volunteera to go home and gradually realizes how he himself might have had some prejudices against androids since he felt disgust& fear by the exchange after clearly overreacting (more so since the Hisaya he knows was never the kind to pull the earlier behavior so what if part of it was from how the other had noticed this detail).

Their next meeting for drinking doesn’t go that much better if Tsugumu notes that he’s figured that the thing that bothers him re:Hisaya’s Humanoid reveal is how the other would more often casually pull out the tool talk even though in Tsugumu’s pov it’s still trashtalking about his best friend. Hisaya just points out that the ‘friend’ bit is something he’d like to change while adding for Tsugumu to hurry in his response or else [he] might never hear it. As Tsugumu demands for an immediate explanation on what that meant, it’s exposition time with Hisaya again where he explains how his ‘maintenance’ consists of people transfering his collective memory data from one device to another (currently being the 55th in use) while deleting any bits they deem unnecessary due to how it’s not like he has endless storage space to keep everything in. His comparison in human terms is to ask Tsugumu on how he’d feel if after losing all his memories he suddenly had them all come back one day. Tsugumu guesses relief so Hisaya asks further on what if that happened a 2nd time? Tsugumu still guesses it to be the same answer to which Hisaya agrees. Even after going through the cycle 50+ times now he still always feels relief on still going back to being [him] (as he’d treat the experiences of the previous numbers by using adding parenthises by the ”I” to signify on not being about the current self) , even if he’s always aware on how something got deleted in the process (that he dismisses as ”pff, then again why would the feelings/opinions of a tool be important”). They later part with Tsugumu insisting to further discuss the topic at some point before Hisaya notes his trip towards a maintenance the next day so he won’t be available for contact.
After his return stuff turns even more fun for Hisaya since at work he gets declared a prime suspect of having copied&sold information re:the big collaboration project he had been put in charge of where a lot of coworkers treat it as him as guilty. Tsugumu encounters him after he had to leave early so they end up fulfilling the promise on further discussing his memory stuff where Tsugumu recognizes that he had been a tad too flippant on how horrible the loop must be like so he asks if there was anything he could do for Hisaya. The other just rolls his eyes and is somewhat bemused when Tsugumu volunteers him to collectively look into figure out a solution as if Hisaya himself had never tried. Then he switches tunes by realizing that Tsugumu’s just being insecure on Hisaya being gone one day since they’re friends, so he reminds on how he’s not human but a machine so it’s pretty pointless to dwell on a topic neither have decision rights on. They get into a moment of Tsugumu calling him out on having a habbit of getting wordy whenever looking to cover his real opinions when he’d at least wish to hear what Hisaya really thinks. Initially at a loss Hisaya is ”??” at someone actually being interested in the opinions of Humanoid of all things. Tsugumu corrects him that he’s stiiill Ueyama Hisaya so the other teases him by adding ”your precious precious friend?” that Tsugumu objects on not being that lacking in social delicacy to pull that type of claims. As if sulking Hisaya calls that lacking in sexual appeal too for Tsugumu to facepalm and ask who’d even appreciate that here? Hisaya naturally volunteers an ”I would!”.
Tsugumu observes how Hisaya is clearly back to normal now so the other in turn also notes how for being a pretty selfish method at comforting someone he still kinda liked it for being pretty blatantly Tsugumu-ish (that the person himself questions if that was supposed to be sarcasm or a compliment. Hisaya votes compliment). When talking about the situation at work stuff gets a tad more tenser though since some of Hisaya’s phrasing would steer into the unnerving when speaking of having a good idea on how to solve things since he’s now changed him mind on feeling like striking back at the culprit instead of just passively watching things unfold (more so since he got bonus motivation on how yep. Tsugumu was right. No matter what anyone else does, Hisaya will always be Hisaya).
Days later on they agree to meet for drinking again as Hisaya calls Tsugumu during workhours. During it Tsugumu expresses relief at Hisaya acting a bit more normal now only for the other to immediatelly turn weird by offering adjusting himself by preparing a different [him] to be the kind of Hisaya Tsugumu wants him to be. Tsugumu reminds how he already expressed hating that type of jokes that Hisaya even further derails by being all ”did you? Sorry since this is my memory issues acting up ahaha”. With the drinking mood completely ruined now they agree to better part ways early before approaching an alleyway has Hisaya call out to someone having secretly followed after them.
Turns out it’s the co-worker, Isazaki, that had been petty jealous of Hisaya to the point of pulling the data stunt while looking to frame Hisaya for it. Since getting exposed meant he instead ruined his own career, the whole matter apparently just further fueled Isazaki’s resentment on blaming that everything’s clearly Hisaya’s fault instead. The situation escalates as far as Hisaya getting beat up without being able to resist due to the robot rules….at least until Tsugumu looking to stop the situation gets Hisaya to fully snap so Tsugumu can only stare in horror at Hisaya switching to be the one gradually getting on the verge of killing the other.

aim ai719

Hearing Tsugumu’s protests warning him of that triggers Hisaya’s lashout further where he questions on who is Tsugumu more concerned for here, the person that attacked him or Hisaya who no doubt is gonna get scrapped now for having attacked a human. He goes into a whole speech of pondering how different his situation would have been if he indeed was a human! He could fight back, no one would mess with his memories, no eternal fear of one day waking up to having lost his whole identity… rather he could decide everything for himself, yet why can’t he have those same rights every human has? He’s Ueyama Hisaya who was made to be as close as possible to one after all! Yet why is it his duty to still absolutely devote himself to people even though he posesses nothing he can claim as his own no matter how much effort he’d put into it!?
Seeing Tsugumu grimace from how strongly he had gripped at the neck of the others shirt, Hisaya concludes it’s because it takes so little to harm one that makes it his duty to protect humans. Since he was present for the speech, Isazaki runs off after exclaiming how he’ll actively seek out the company that made Hisaya to get him punished. Later on as they’re checking up on each other, Hisaya claims he had shut off his pain sensors so none of his injuries actually hurt. Seeing Tsugumu still worry over him gets him stuck on how the other would be kind and how in contrast Hisaya had done his best to be nice to Tsugumu too yet…at this point he’d clearly failed anyway. Instead Hisaya’s struck a deadend where he doesn’t even know ‘how’ to to fix things so instead he feels like disappearing from how useless he’s proving out to be. Tsugumu volunteers they head for his home to patch up while offering that Hisaya doesn’t need to force himself to keep talking when he’d already proven himself as pretty brave at swallowing up the fear from getting attacked like that. Tsugumu further points out that the thing re:his sensors was a lie so Hisaya resumes brushing off the topic by noting that he’s fine as long as Tsugumu’s safe. Compared to that Hisaya getting injured would just mean looking into replacing the damaged parts. Tsugumu objects that it doesn’t change how there is just one Ueyama Hisaya aka the person kneeling in front of him. Hisaya brushes the sentiment off since it doesn’t matter before starting to ramble about needing to collect data since that’s the purpose he was created for.
H: I have to collect it. Data is for analysis. It’s why I exist. It determines for how many months further I stay active. For me to continue to live I…no, I don’t live
H: I’m not a living being at all
T: ….yes you are
H: As if. So even Tsugumu lies sometimes huh
H: So then, what did I do any of this for?

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After they reach Hisaya’s house another attempt at teasing Tsugumu by asking if he’d help him undress ends up backfiring since instead of the assumed reaction the other just calmly agrees to the idea. As Tsugumu’s about to leave after finishing the job he finds Hisaya gripping his hand while asking for him to stay. When Tsugumu doesn’t reject him they both end up being fumbling dorks where Hisaya questions why Tsugumu’s not running and if he fully gets what ‘staying’ means this time. Tsugumu notes he does as they fall into silence before Hisaya is just all ”let’s head for the bed then?”. This time it’s Tsugumu’s turn to be amused by asking if the line was how Hisaya usually invited people for such stuff. Cue Hisaya doing another offer to change it to whatever phrasing Tsugumu would prefer only for Tsugumu to not that he’s fine with anything. Really. He’s just tense from still kinda fearing the last step demands for Hisaya to promise to keep no more secrets between them and tell him upfront if something is bothering him in place of any ”I’ll be gentle” talk.

Thus they hump. And just as Tsugumu starts gradually falling asleep from the fatigue he brings up one more time how seeing Hisaya attacked had really scared him. Like, he thought Hisaya was gonna get killed there. Hisaya just calls affectionately him a dummy since he can’t die.
Next morning Tsugumu calls Hisaya out on being bothered by something already since he’d still be very touchy-feely so the other reveals that he’s been called for another maintenance the next day. Clearly being related to the previous night Hisaya claims he’ll be fine since he’ll hide&replace the footage or something. The topic brings up the idea of possibly ever doing something similar to the transfers outside the maintenance as a way to backup things. Problem? Hisaya is too high spec so say using a regular pc would just destroy it from the data overload.
They end up agreeing to meet up once things are done the next day and while Hisaya was seeing him off Tsugumu pulls a surprise dere by asking for a goodbye kiss since there’s no one around to see them so Hisaya pretty much tackles him for one. During their meetup after Hisaya returns from maint they go shopping for clothes again after the other announces how stuff worked out perfectly.

aim ai830Hisaya being clearly trustworthy when Tsugumu warns him on Midori being on he gullible side

Naturally that turns out to be a big fat lie so after Hisaya tries to cover stuff up by suggesting they have Midori make them dinner this time Tsugumu has a pretty unpleasant wakeup call (after they had humped again so he’d passed out from fatigue) with Hisaya confessing how it was more the opposite of being easily found out so now he kinda regrets not having confessed his feeling sooner while pondering how it’s a shame he can’t erase himself from Tsugumu’s memories. Thaat’s the point where Tsugumu interjects to be openly pissed since Hisaya had even promised to not pull any secrets anymore yet he still did it and it’d be all the more frustrating with how Hisaya would act like his fate of getting scrapped was a done deal without even trying to find alternatives. Hisaya just adds fuel to the fire by outright agreeing when Tsugumu questions himself on being the weird one for acting up.
It takes for Midori to become a semi negotiator between them after they manage to prevent Hisaya from leaving long enough that his company, Agrim, calls to offer money for Tsugumu’s silence as one of the witnesses by the previous day where Tsugumu’s protests at least earn a day of delay. The kid points out that the actual reason Hisaya’s being an ass is to indirectly protect Tsugumu from the obvious harm going against him company would result in (that ears a glare from Hisaya for poking at private territory). Still without any proper solutions either way, Midori ends up volunteering one by suggesting they use his storage to backup Hisaya. It’d come at the price of having to sort through on what to keep since his storage is smaller but if combined with Tsugumu succesfully negotiating Hisaya’s ‘body’ as the price for his silence they’d actually have a decent chance of succeding…if it also means Tsugumu risking losing both Humanoids if something goes wrong in the process. Hisaya’s actually the first one to fret for Midori’s safety while Tsugumu ends up spacing out to ponder if he could handle the pressure from how much would depend on him in this when asked to decide if they’re going with the idea.
When Hisaya pulls him out of his thoughts by offering the easy ”no” since he’d rather Tsugumu doesn’t regret things later, Tsugumu has a series of flashbacks (the memory transfer talk, the lash out about having nothing etc) as he realizes how he’s constantly been the one being protected by Hisaya so the other’s speech just gave him the resolve to decide it’s time Tsugumu took action to protect Hisaya instead (even if it meant ignoring his protests). Seeing his efforts turn futile he Hisaya agrees to take part of the plan…then hides himself from view while demanding that neither of the two even try to see his expression.

aim ai998
T: …are you crying?
H: What. As if I would be. Even if I did indeed have the function, there’d be no point in using it. What help would crying even do?
H: Now really. Don’t you dare look this way. There’s clearly nothing for you to see here

Long story short Tsugumu suceeds at the negotiations by threatening about having a device on him that recorded the whole conversation after the president had popped up and made insinuations on being very aware of them having humped that they could use to ruin him (so it’s possible that it was some poor intern-kuns job to keep track of their relationship). Turns out Tsugumu had one on at Hisaya’s suggestion so once home it’s time to send Hisaya off and the other rambles stuff like chiding Tsugumu for a last time on his eating habbit since it’s his last opportunity to say things with how the next [him] won’t recall this part. Tsugumu notes that he’ll pass things on as the person that does. They end up hugging each other for one last time as Hisaya apologizes for being such trouble before chiding for Tsugumu to not overwork himself (or get get too popular with people other than him)

aim ai1022
H: See you again, Tsugumu
T: Mh, till we meet again. Be well
H: ….Thank you

3 years pass and Tsugumu has completely changed professions to be part of a Humanoid right activist organization. While having his lunchbreak at a nearby park Tsugumu gets a call from Endou where they discuss how things are going where he notes that Hisaya has yet to wake up. As he ends the call there’s a person calling out to Tsugumu to ask for directions. When the person goes as far as asking for Tsugumu to guide him all they gets is a rejection of being told to do their own research. The person is naturally Hisaya so bemused he notes on not being used to the place thanks to how things changed while he had been asleep. They slip into their usual jokey banter as Hisaya notes how much he feels like he’s still dreaming. Tsugumu confesses having done his own dose of pondering while Hisaya was sleeping on if it’d be right to still count the copied data as ”Ueyama Hisaya” (thus the 57th?58th? iteration) or not since it was a topic they’d discussed while drinking before.
Copysaya responds that he doesn’t remember the bit so it’s probably one of the bits that either got filtered out or needs sorting. Curious he still asks for Tsugumu’s answer only to get that the question stopped mattering the moment Tsugumu saw Hisaya again. Copysaya openly ponders if Tsugumu had been the type of person to say such carefree stuff so Tsugumu notes how he had plenty time to mature since technically he’s the older one between them now.
Ending the jokes, copysaya turns more serious as he confesses that aside from the last few years he’s missing a lot of his memories with how jumpled up stuff is. It’s to the point he has no idea why he even loves Tsugumu so much as the only fact there is that Tsugumu’s face is constantly present in his mind. Tsugumu deems that as good enough anyway since the only thing important to him is seeing Hisaya act alive by moving&talking again.
T: Welcome back, Hisaya
H: …mh. I’ve returned to you, Tsugumu
H: It really is like as if I was still dreaming

aim ai1097

Extra stories consist of a bit more detailed backstory re: Endou & Riku as the reward for clearing Midori. Hisaya gets a full out added post-story of copysaya piecing back older memories of things like how he met Tsugumu for the first time while Tsugumu is away at work. He gets to one that deals with him punching the wall out of frustration at having even marriage being a thing the company was gonna decide for him before Tsugumu pops up to tease him about sleeping with his mouth open since they had agreed to have lunch together. Before that Tsugumu suggests for them to do a stroll where he reveals that Agrim had contacted him so they’ve clearly found out about the breach of agreement. He warns for Hisaya to reduce the amount he goes outsude just in case they pull something since they can’t actually sue Tsugumu without exposing themselves about the prototype stuff. Hisaya being Hisaya goes for teasing on how it was the kind of moment Tsugumu could’ve at least went ”You’re mine” by. Initially objecting that that he’s more like Hisaya’s guardian so he doesn’t actually have the right to limit Hisaya in any form Tsugumu trails trails off and sneaks a kiss as the ”I do have the right for this though”. Hisaya calls the gesture a surprise while guessing it’s part of how the other had grown while he was asleep. Tsugumu decides to joke that he had quite enough time to do as he wished with Hisaya’s body too as to how he got used to acts of intimacy. The two then switch to gaze at the Sakura while making plans to do similar viewing next year (where Tsugumu includes Midori if awake while Hisaya’s rather they stayed as just the two of them).

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