BL Game Review – Fukushuu Teikoku

Revenge trainwreck1051

aka Revenge Empire

Plot: ” ’tis the story of Willfried Helmut, a man who’s life turns for an 180 after one day he loses his whole crew after they’d volunteer sacrificing themselves on stalling the enemy republic ship while he used the only escape pod.
Facing court-martial by his own country, the empire, Will is sentenced with severe punishment that’d reach as far as his own family as the price of the lives lost so all he can look forward to is despair…untill one of the big names in the military approaches him to offer a backdoor deal on having his family spared in exchange for Will using his irresistable looks tm (that he’d already mastered using for profit) by becoming a honeytrap spy that’d ensnare two of the Rebublics generals to side with the Empire.
Innerly seething at both sides, Will pretends accepting the deal while silently considering pulling his own agenda in response…”

Revenge trainwreck632

Gameplay: Good ol’ choices where a lot of them just works as different flavortext for the nsfw leadin (where you need to see all variants of a scene for it to be added in the gallery). The only actually important one is probably the very 1st ingame choice since it determines which character Will goes after first while the later target is who’s good end(?) you get by that run (if sadly there was little effort put in the game actually keeping track of the order so Will could be monologuing about only having the pre-spy lessons as his guide on how to bed a dude…after already having seduced 2 guys before that)

Revenge trainwreck446

feat Gunther going into a internal reverie after hearing Will be praised at his expertise in bed by a brothel worker

Character/route impressions: Nothing too memorable, if Will was at least fun to watch in the sense of having a lead character that knows he’s attractive and uses it for advantage. All while having this constant contrast with the acts he’d pull to appeal to the other vs innerthoughts + the constant analyzing on what move would be most effective to gain gradual control of the other.

By the actual targets I’d guess Gunther felt the neatest? At least by concept since instead of routes this game is more harem recruiting.

Revenge trainwreck33

Conclusion: I think FT could be best described as a PWP game that feels a lot more like something that came out in the 90’s instead of it’s actual date. Right down to even how some of the music has that type of vibe (+awkward placement), if I guess some of it figures from the inspiration this likely took from?

Would I recommend this to other people? Noot really. While it managed to be decently entertaining here, it’s the kind of ”quick brainless fun if found cheap” type where you don’t care about the quality…or character consent (if thankfully this mostly stayed on just being on the dubious side for things aside from one bad end) and it’s hard too feel bad for the targets getting tricked when they all have their own shady sides. Ultimately it’s gonna be forgettable and the game feeling on the unfinished side doesn’t help by that either…which is somewhat of a shame since once used to the art some of the cgs were pretty nice (more so by the few sfw ones) and the concept of a selfaware mc was interesting at least




Spoilers start here

Revenge trainwreck563

Feat fun times in the car as a poor soul was doomed to spend 30 min looking for Will’s specified brand of cigarettes as the excuse

Gunther for Weissenberg : Clearly written as the targed aimed for first, Gunther is like a very distant relative(?) of Will’s that ditched the empire to join the republic soon after it was eslablished under the pretext of ”finding a more peaceful method” on resolving the conflict. Upon reunion Will quickly deduces that instead of seeking simpathy as a semi-colleague of similar profession going for the approach where he pretends at seeking comfort from family is more effective so he starts by ‘accidentally’ slipping into calling Gunther ”big brother” and just picks up from there by playing at the others ego and how Gunther would get weirdly posessive when other people would monopolize Will’s attention.

The first succesful ‘night’ ends up under the pretext of Will getting ‘drunk’ and insisting Gunther sleeps with him…yet alas it grants no progress in actually getting their relationship anywhere. One day Will walks in on Gunther being pestered by what turns out to be a past sponsor he had prostituted himself by since his actual motive for moving to the republic had been that he had the bloated ego to assume he’d gain a ruling position over it in no time…yet then recruiting for allies in his campaign turned into people asking for his body as the price so things kinda spiralled downward from there. Soon after when looking to initiate humping in the car Will starts figuring out the missing puzzle piece where instead of Gunther getting turned on by surprises…it was more that the whole experience lead to developing a fetish on getting manhandled like an object.

A detail Will won’t leave unabused so after having a ‘bonding’ moment where Gunther admits on having changed for the better after their reunion(aftr bringing Will to a submansion) he initiates the ultimate step of asking for a collar&a leash while proposing they go for a ‘walk’ where’d Gunther be his pet as the idea he got from their escapade where Gunther’s fiancee had bragged about having a cute dog during her phonecall with Gunther while Will pretended to be jealous by pulling a handjob etc.

Revenge trainwreck760

Some fall gracefully. Gunther lives for adult times and his pet bowl now

Gunther obeys the idea and it ends up so effective that henceforth depending on the tone Will speaks in Gunther would now go into ”Will’s loyal dog” mode whenever the two would be in private…or snap out of it the moment Will resumes the sibling act.

Things end with the two visiting the empire for Will to report his sucess only to be told to show ‘proof’ of the deal so they obey by showing a live hump ‘performance’ as Will monologues about how both of them may be dogs but they still have their fangs with which they will bite back someday.

Revenge trainwreck882

Rafael von Fortner-Feurbach – The token neglected and thus very affection+attention starved rich kid that bribed himself into his current military status while pooting on a ‘sweet’ front for the common folk to believe he’s a nice person…while Rafa himself deems them below dirt.

Will’s act here is that he pretends to be this utter devoted and loyal subordinate that even solves a serious technical issue emergency as his way to gain Rafaels trust where the kid would book rooms for both of them to stay in on the same night…only for Will to pop up at Rafa’s room under the pretext on offering bedwarming service since gay humping is like this secret hobby all nobles do for better sleeping so clearly Rafa, as a fellow member of the high society, is aware of that right? Right.

Revenge trainwreck95

Here lies Rafael. He really should have questioned Will’s bluff a tad more

Plan successful, poor Rafa goes from unexperienced cherryboy to downright addicted to the act since with even developing a secret phrase for when he’d be calling Will over for more ‘bedwarming’.

By the time some of Rafael’s other suborninates present dirt on Will clearly being fishy  it’s already too late since by that point Rafa would see the risk of losing Will’s booty as too big of a price so even if he confronts the man about it on the next day…Will can openly note his revenge ploy and Rafael would still have his mind too much in the gutter to not go”Yeah. Sure. You do you babe. I’ll even help out if you want”. One of the assistances turns out to be finding the lab that produced the bio weapon …where Rafael’s attempt at helping ends up with him having picked up an aphrodisiac the place produced. Will actually leaves the kid alone for a while since he’d be more inclined on investigating the place before it turns out to backfire and by the time he’s back Rafa’s so far gona he pounces on Will while demanding action.

The whole escapade leaves Rafael with a 2nd addiction of keeping a dose of the same drug around in the form of a necklace for whenever they do bedroom stuff as on the serious side the two learn more about the experiment and it’s so unethical Rafael is at a loss on how to respond when it even echoes the same line of thinking he has. Later on Will also digs up how Rafa’s brother is also part of the ploy and actually feels a moral dilemma on if to share the tidbit with the kid Rafa after the other was already acting off since the party where the two had met the man.

Revenge trainwreck293

Turns out that Rafael had seen the encounter as Will being inclined to abandon him for his brother too…so Will’s lack of care to really check up on him since did not help. Will’s response? His own dose of lashout since he was nowhere near the mood for such ‘petty’ stunts. Afterwards they’d both fall into a weird silence where Will’d question why Raphael didn’t resist the forced ‘service’ time only to get the answer that by Rafa it seemed like a low price to pay for having Will stay instead of joining the list of things his brother took ownership of. Will recognizes how that makes them pretty similar in situation in a way before deciding to perform the last ‘step’ of subjucating Rafa by listing how much in detail he knows about the kids ‘hidden’ ugly side so if he seriously wants Will to stay around as the person that accepts them, he’ll have to help out in his revenge quest. Raphael is just like ”you’re asking that now?”  because seriously.

Afterwards Will also gets to visit Rafael’s home where he even further seals the loyalty deal by the use of family paintings during fun times. Yeah. Ending itself is the two commanding a crew on a spaceship (aimed towards the empire?) where the kid calls out how he won’t be just sitting and waiting for Will but instead offers doing some of the killing for the others sake after making sure his family is safe that Will concludes as Rafa having further dropped the sweet act to be his more honest self in front of him

Revenge trainwreck26

Baldur Hiltman – Optional target as this dude that catches Will’s attention while visiting an orphanage with Rafael. Deciding that  Baldur’d be a perfect test run after seeing that Baldur is even a clear loner he seeks out the dude and goes for the approach of acting out a higher officer that abuses his privileges….starting with the question if Baldur knew science deduced that training makes dudes extra horny as his way to initiate things. Uhh okay?

Then by next visit he overhears some women relationship gossip about ways to show ownership that he immediately uses as inspiration to gift Baldur female lingerie under the instructions of putting that on the next day at the military while he’ll stop by to check. Baldur of course obeys and Will even messes with him during the lecture for more fun before ultimately dragging Baldur to a storage closet instead of the assumed lunchbreak at the cafeteria to be all ”well, I thoght I’d feed you down there yes” because that makes sense. Baldur doesn’t question any of this either as instead it’s Will who notices a photo sewn into the others uniform that the other confesses on being Baldur’s dead wife. Aaaaalright then.

Revenge trainwreck52

Being denied further details into the topic has Will get motivated into digging up what’s really going on since stuff started to smell a lot more fishy re:Baldur and the likelyhood that he was being a loner on purpose. Will’s methods on baiting info? Why not poke at the others former bedroom life by…having Baldur act out what his wife had done to him and such after feeding him a drug that’d alter his body temporarily  with things like letting him produce breastmilk for further ‘fun’ (…………..).

 The shenanigans grant Will the clues of the wifes name and the likely last exchange they had so he succeeds in digging up the profile to learn how she’d been a casualty of war and Baldur was blatantly bitter enough to be living close to the area. Not only that but he probably accepted Will’s attention as part of his own agenda of gathering information so they both were playing the same game (that Will had instinctively felt pretty early on) 

Will basically confronts him about after inviting Baldur to dinner at an expensive restaurant and the two agree to cooperate where Baldur is willing to die for the sake of striking back at the empire and Will just adds how he’s open for granting ‘nice’ rewards for obedience (aka humping of course) since there’s the added fun detail on how his looks would resemble the dead wife apparently

Revenge trainwreck1048

Grand End – Unlocked by clearing both Gunther&Rafaels main good ends, it’s an extension on how after there being a sequence where the two get introduced as fellow allies by Will’s agenda…most of the revenge stuff gets dealt with offscreen so things just tune back with Will reporting how he’s dealt with the main threats on the Republics side after relocating his family to safety while the trio decide to have a prolonged group humpsession while surrounded by dead bodies after dealing the 1st main strikeback (I guess?). Afterwards Will concludes how this whole situation kinda ended up ironic on fully teaching him how to use his own body as a weapon + developed his own lust for power by not only striking back at the empire…but also becoming the top ruler with the help of his now trusty harem who’ll do anything for an extra dose of Wills booty

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  1. Thanks for the review! Seen the game cg and thought that the art was decent, and was contemplating on whether to play it or not, But after seeing the review, I guess the plotline seems to be quite plain.

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