Otome Game Review – Chrono Garland by Prism Orbit

Since lately I’ve been trying to finish ”Queen of Darkness”, usually after finishing a route I end up taking a break from the town-managment and finish a more regular VN game. Often short/doujin games, after finishing RE:Alistair got me to download some.

This game is one of them…
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然りとて・・・な日々 (Certain…kind of days) part 1

Or a side story related to the PSP port of a game called ”Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku” done by QuinRose coming out on the 22nd.

Warning: As the original is a BL game, the story as well would have hints of it.

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BL Game Review – Nessa no Rakuen by VividColor

After thinking it over, I’ve decided only to transfer the text translations of stuff like side stories/drama tracks/etc and old/new game reviews here. The from-game stuff that would involve images ie the one of Lucky Dog 1 stays on lj, as that ones uses up the monthly bandwidth quite quickly even without that and reuploading all the images here would just use up this one as well.

Moving on…

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First post…?

While I’d original post  the reviews/translations on livejournal, after being suggested I decided to move some of the stuff from there to here.

For those unfamiliar, that means that this blog will be filled with stuff related to various games both Otome and BL(Boy’s Love) and some translations, that I’d do as a hobby from time to time as well (which would likely involve some mistakes here and there, as I have the habbit of letting past works stay unchanged even if I’d notice such stuff).

I’m not the most creative person, and I honestly suck when it comes to whriting so yeah…expect more posts appearing in the near future, as I’d slowly copy the translations/reviews done until now.